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Iraqi Airways announces release of director from UK

7-May-2010 3:35 PM

Iraqi Airways announced the release of its Director, Captain Kifah Hassan, from the UK following the seizure of one of the carrier’s aircraft in London and the confiscation of his passport (AFP, 06-May-2010). Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) lodged an ex-parte order in the British High Court to seize one of Iraqi Airways' aircraft in London. The dispute relates to Iraq’s failure to pay USD1.2 billion compensation to KAC for the alleged theft of up to 10 aircraft during the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The court order included freezing the assets of Iraqi Airways worldwide. International courts had earlier ruled in favour of KAC, including the right to claim USD1.2 billion in compensation for stolen aircraft and spare parts during the invasion. The decision coincided with the completion on 25-Apr-2010 of Iraqi Airways’ first commercial flight between Baghdad and London in 20 years, which was to operate twice weekly.