30-Dec-2010 11:37 AM

India studying feasibility of 90-seat Indian civilian aircraft

India's Science and Technology Ministry stated a committee is conducting a feasibility study for an indigenous 90-seat civilian aircraft to operate on regional and feeder routes (PTI, 29-Dec-2010). The National Civil Aircraft Development Project involves configuration, market survey, development of a JV and full-scale engineering development for the plan. The project is also expected to draw from the experience of aerospace experts in state-run institutions such as the Defence Research and Development Organisation and Hindustan Aeronautics. The study has been commissioned by the state-run Council for Scientific and Industrial Research under a 15-member committee and will be in a collaboration with the aviation arm of National Aerospace Laboratories. The report is expected in mid-2011. The design and development of the prototype is estimated to cost around INR5000 crore (USD1 billion) with flight trails expected in 2015-16.