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Hawaiian Airlines seeks to expand Asia network; sees importance of ancillaries

23-Sep-2010 10:14 AM

Hawaiian Airlines CEO, Mark Dunkerley, stated the carrier is seeking to expand its network with new destinations and aircraft, with a particular focus on Asia’s growing leisure-travel market (MarketWatch, 22-Sep-2010). Mr Dunkerley added that "demand is coming back". The CEO added that ancillary revenues are increasingly important for the carrier.

Hawaiian Airlines: “Ancillary revenue for us is going to be a worthwhile area, and it will become a bigger chunk of our total revenue. Ancillary could be used to expand margins or to buttress profitability in the case of a fare war,” Mark Dunkerley, CEO. Source: Marketwatch, 22-Sep-2010.

Hawaiian Airlines: “Hawaii has plenty more capacity for tourists to come in both domestically and from Asia, and Asia, as we all know, is the region of the world that is growing most dramatically ... We see the Asian economies being the real engine of global economic growth. Hawaii is a premier destination for people living in Asia just as it is for people living in the United States, so we feel ourselves very well positioned to take advantage of that,” Mark Dunkerley, CEO. Source: Marketwatch, 22-Sep-2010.