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flydubai on track for profitability in 2012

12-Oct-2010 10:30 AM

flydubai CEO Ghaith al-Ghaith stated the carrier is considering new leisure destinations in Europe, including destinations in Greece and Cyprus, as it pursues what it believes is an almost "limitless" number of new destinations (Financial Times, 11-Oct-2010). The carrier, which has expanded its network to 26 destinations and more than 1 million passengers since its launch in Jun-2009, plans to operate a network of 30 destinations by the end of 2010 and as many as 70 by 2012. Mr al-Ghaith stated the carrier is still aiming to be profitable by its third year of operation in 2012.

Flydubai: "In our region and with the type of aircraft we have, to be honest it's limitless almost. The potential is huge. Eighty per cent of people in our country are expatriates. In the UK if 80% of the people travelled once or twice a year how big an airport or airline you would need," Ghaith al-Ghaith, CEO. Source: Financial Times, 11-Oct-2010.