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FAA calls on pilots and public to report laser incidents

13-Dec-2010 1:08 PM

US Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Randy Babbitt stated lasers are a “serious” safety problem, as there has been more than 2200 reported incidents of lasers being pointed at aircraft this year, compared to 283 in 2005 (Bloomberg, 08-Dec-2010). There have also been reports of lasers being pointed into air traffic control towers. FAA is urging pilots and the pubic to alert air traffic controllers and local law enforcement officials if they see laser incidents. Air Line Pilots Association President Captain John Prater agreed the incidents are “dangerous”.

Air Line Pilots Association: “These incidents are not only stupid and criminal, they're dangerous. I think that in many cases it is people ignorant of the dangers and that's why we definitely need the assistance of the public. It certainly could lead to an accident,” Captain John Prater, President. Source: Bloomberg, 08-Dec-2010.