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Etihad Airways has no plans to launch a low cost carrier: CEO, James Hogan

18-Jan-2010 12:13 PM

Etihad Airways CEO, James Hogan, denied the carrier plans to launch a low cost carrier (Emirates Business 24/7, 17-Jan-2010). Mr Hogan added the acquisition of A320 aircraft is not for a reported low cost operation, rather to provide the airline greater frequency and feeder services to its long-haul routes.

Etihad Airways:Etihad was not planning to launch any budget airline in the near future or was not intending to join any initiative that Abu Dhabi may be looking at. We don’t have any such plans, but we can’t say whether Abu Dhabi has such plans or not,” James Hogan, CEO. Source: Khaleej Times, 17-Jan-2010.