7-May-2010 11:09 AM

Emirates hopes volcano cancellations not based only on computer predictions

Emirates stated it hopes that cancellations relating to volcanic ash in Europe are based on “reality” and not “prediction” (Arabian Business, 06-May-2010).

Emirates: “I think we were working off computer predictions and I’d like to believe we are working off reality. The last time they worked off a UK Met Office computer model and the Washington Institute had a different model, which showed the ashes in different places. Being a non-technical person you would have to send something up there to see how bad it is. Hopefully this time it is reality and we don’t have to cancel flights on the basis of a prediction. Obviously if the airspace is closed we can’t operate and we are not going to take the risk with passengers and crew, that is of paramount importance to use,” Richard Vaughan, Divisional Senior Vice President for Commercial Operations Worldwide. Source: Arabian Business, 06-May-2010.