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Emirates complied with US security regulations: President

7-May-2010 3:22 PM

Emirates President, Tim Clark, stated the carrier complied with US security regulation before allowing the Times Square bomb suspect, Faisal Shahzad, on one of its aircraft (Zawya Dow Jones, 07-May-2010). The White House announced on 05-May-2010 an investigation into whether the carrier made a mistake in letting the suspect on its aircraft.

Emirates:We're not a security agency. For the Obama administration to say that we dropped the ball on this, it's a bit much. Perhaps the US needs to re-examine the flow of information between all the different authorities and also take a look at exit controls. The US government must also be asking itself why it doesn't have tighter exit controls when entry controls are so strict. The government of the US has multiple security agencies which should be able to work together to ensure that these things don't happen,” Tim Clark, President. Source: Zawya Dow Jones, 07-May-2010.