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Eithad states strategy built around China, India and high-growth areas

12-Aug-2011 11:45 AM

Eithad Airways CEO James Hogan said (11-Aug-2011) that the carrier is basing its future network hub strategy around the “huge opportunities we see in provincial China, regional India and other under-served growth areas”. Mr Hogan commented that the “centre of geopolitical gravity is being drawn rapidly and inexorably eastward towards Asian economic power” and that aviation will have a new nucleus in Asia. Etihad anticipates massive growth in ASEAN, China and India.

Eithad Airways: “The growth of Chinese domestic flying is so immense and so rapid that it defies precedent. India, while slightly behind, is growing even faster. But both are evolving and heavily protected aviation markets,” James Hogan, CEO. Source: Etiahd Airways, 11-Aug-2011.