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EADS: A380 sales in US remain a challenge

10-Jun-2010 12:00 PM

EADS CEO, Louis Gallois, stated that sales of the A380 to US remains a challenge, although Emirates' order this week for the aircraft means the aircraft has successfully passed the “acid test of delivering the airplane to an airline” (AP, 09-Jun-2010). Airbus has 234 orders for the A380. Mr Gallois also commented that the costs of the A380 programme are now within forecast levels, although they remain too high. The A380 production line is expected to start to generate cash for Airbus in 2014-2015.

EADS: "[US airlines] are not buying big airplanes, but the day when they have the capacity to do that, they will recognise as other airlines that it is the perfect answer to the traffic jams at airports and the perfect response to the increase in oil prices," Louis Gallois, CEO. Source: AP, 09-Jun-2010.