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Delta Air Lines and US Airways announce slot transfer agreement at New York and Washington

23-Mar-2010 9:37 AM

Delta Air Lines and US Airways announced (22-Mar-2010) an agreement to transfer to AirTran, Spirit Airlines, JetBlue and WestJet 12% of the takeoff and landing slots involved in a previously announced transaction between the carriers at New York's LaGuardia and Washington's Reagan National airports. Under Delta and US Airways' originally announced proposal, US Airways would transfer 125 operating slot pairs to Delta at LaGuardia and Delta would transfer 42 operating slot pairs to US Airways at Reagan National. Following the new agreement:

  • Delta: Operates an additional 110 slot pairs at LaGuardia;
  • AirTran, Spirit and WestJet: Obtain five slot pairs each at LaGuardia from Delta;
  • US Airways: Acquires 37 slot pairs at Reagan National;
  • JetBlue: Gains five slot pairs from US Airways at Reagan National;
  • US Airways would gain access to Sao Paulo and Tokyo. [more]