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Cape Town-Johannesburg Tambo is world's 12th-busiest route by seats per week

11-Aug-2010 4:53 PM

Cape TownJohannesburg Tambo, the world’s 12th-busiest route by seats per week, is served by the following airlines, with current and future capacity shares indicated (OAG, 11-Aug-2010):

  • South African Airways: 41.6% (Aug-2010), 44.0% (Nov-2010);
  • British Airways: 18.7% (Aug-2010), 19.4% (Nov-2010);
  • 1Time: 14.0% (Aug-2010), 14.2% (Nov-2010);
  • Comair: 14.0% (Aug-2010), 14.3% (Nov-2010);
  • Mango: 11.7% (Aug-2010), 8.0% (Nov-2010).