9-Sep-2013 9:05 AM

Canadian government to impose 20% cap on wet-leasing

Canada's Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt released (06-Sep-2013) a new policy designed to limit wet-leasing by Canadian carriers. The policy will impose a 20% cap on the size of a Canadian carrier's fleet which may be wet-leased from foreign firms, for periods of more than 30 days. Ms Raitt said: "Our government has listened to the views expressed by Canadians and air industry stakeholders with regard to wet-leasing. This new policy strikes a balance by imposing limits, while preserving some flexibility for Canadian airlines to meet travellers’ seasonal demands for air service. We are ensuring that Canadian airlines have reciprocal opportunities to wet-lease their aircraft in foreign jurisdictions and create employment for Canadians abroad. Above all, we are preserving our focus on the safety and security of Canada’s air services." [more - original PR]