12-Jul-2011 12:11 PM

British Airways long-haul winter schedule changes

British Airways plans the following long-haul changes to its winter 2011 schedule from London Heathrow (Airline Route, 11-Jul-2011):

  • Accra: first class service on B777-200ER introduced in summer 2011 will be maintained in winter season;
  • Algiers:  A319 to replace A320;
  • Boston: B777-200ER to replace 747-400. BA operates three times daily on the route;
  • Cairo: between 06-Feb to 01-Mar-2012 service will be reduced from daily to six times weekly;
  • Cape Town: between 27-Feb and 20-Feb-2012 service will be reduced from 14 to 13 times weekly;
  • Houston: B747-400 to replace B777-200ER in summer 2011;
  • Newark: service to reduce from three to twice daily between 09-Jan and 05-Feb-2012;
  • New York JFK: weekly service reduced to 48 times from 49;
  • Philadelphia: weekly service reduced to 11 from 14 times weekly;
  • Riyadh: winter service to operate six times weekly, an increase from five times weekly;
  • Seattle: B747-400 equipment to continue operating in winter 2011, compared to B777 winter 2010;
  • Tel Aviv: between 14-Jan and 05-Feb-2012, weekly frequency to reduce from 14 to 13 times;
  • Tokyo Haneda: between 01-Jan and 21-Jan-2012 service to reduce from five to three times weekly;
  • Tripoli: tentatively planned to resume from 30-Oct-2011.