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Bombardier goes ahead with CSeries engine power up

22-Jul-2013 1:45 PM

Bombardier Commerical Aerospace stated (18-Jul-2013) it continues the countdown to the CSeries first flight as the engines were powered up on CSeries flight test vehicle one (FTV1) in Mirabel. VP GM CSeries programme Robert Dewar said: “It was spectacular to see the PW1500G engines running for the first time on the CSeries aircraft. We‘re thrilled to have successfully reached this very important milestone. The engine runs followed the successful start-up of the Honeywell-supplied Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). Next step, we will check the aircraft’s systems with the engines powered while progressively increasing thrust.” The purpose of the APU runs, as well as the initial engine starts and engine runs is to confirm the proper operation of the installed powerplant (which includes engine, nacelle, electrical generators and hydraulic pumps), as well as to verify the proper integration of the powerplant with other aircraft systems such as fuel, pneumatics, electrical, hydraulics and cockpit controls/indications. [more - original PR] [more - original PR - French]