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BAR UK: Airlines say proposed ‘Heathwick’ rail link is no solution

11-Oct-2011 9:41 AM

BAR UK stated (10-Oct-2011) the proposed 'Heathwick' rail link between London Heathrow and London Gatwick will be a "costly and lengthy development" which will offer "no solution to the urgent need for additional airport capacity in the South East. Commenting on the plan, BAR UK CEO Mike Carrivick said: “Linking Heathrow and Gatwick by rail does not create a viable hub airport and flight connecting times would not be competitive with other airports. We do not see how the estimated GBP5 billion can be justified, even if paid for by others. Building an aviation policy around this concept is misguided and if airlines and airports believed a rail link could work it would have had their support years ago.” [more - original PR][more - CAPA Analysis]