1-Feb-2010 10:21 AM

Auckland Airport completion of Institutional Bookbuild and Institutional Entitlement Offer

New Zealand's Auckland International Airport (AIA) announced (29-Jan-2010) it has completed the institutional bookbuild and institutional entitlement component's of its 1 for 16 fully underwritten entitlement offer. The institutional entitlement offer has raised gross proceeds of approximately USD48.8 million, with over 99% of eligible institutional shareholders electing to take up their entitlements. The Offer was announced on 27-Jan-2010, and will raise a total of approximately USD88.8 million. [more - Bookbuild] [more - Institutional Entitlement offer]

Institutions will pay NZD1.91 per share, close to the market price for Auckland Airport stock. [more - AIA stock]