27-Jan-2010 12:46 PM

Alitalia's CEO says European Airlines must prepare for "new normal"

Alitalia President and CEO, Rocco Sabelli stated (25-Jan-2010) all European airlines must prepare for a “new normal”, as the European economy recovers at a more protracted rate than other regions. Mr Sabelli added that carriers should "develop new, differentiated products to provide value for money". [more]

Alitalia: “Airlines are actively involved in promoting the security of air transport, they have reported milestone achievements in mitigating the environmental impact of air traffic growth – but the key for sustainable success is twofold: establishing the trust of our passengers that we will deliver consistently, and developing products that the market needs. There is no way airlines can expect a return to pre-crisis conditions. The crisis has fundamentally changed the way we do business,” Rocco Sabelli, President and CEO. Source: Alitalia, 25-Jan-2010.