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Alaska Air Group optimistic after 3Q2009 profit and good forward sales

11-Nov-2009 12:55 PM

Alaska Air Group CEO, Bill Ayer stated he is optimistic about the Group’s future, after being one of few US carriers to report a profit in 3Q2009 (Associated Press, 10-Nov-2009). The group attributes its resilience amid the global financial downturn to Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air’s smaller sizes, compared to competitors, allowing it to adapt faster. CFO, Glenn Johnson stated Alaska Airlines’ capacity is expected to grow 1% to 2% in 2010, while Horizon Air’s is expected to remain flat. The carrier also stated has seen a strong increase in Nov-2009 (+2.5%) and Dec-2009 (+3.5%) bookings, allowing it to increase fares (Marketwatch, 10-Nov-2009). The carrier also plans to increase service frequency during the Christmas 2009 period, adding a further 40 flights.

Alaska Air Group: "We are growing markets, but as we grow those new markets we're rightsizing capacity in other markets. We do want to be positioned to respond quickly when we see a little more strength in the economy," William Ayers, CEO. Source: Maketwatch, 10-Nov-2009.