19-Nov-2010 10:59 AM

AirAsia urges quick decision on A320 re-engining

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes stated a re-engining of A320 family aircraft is needed (Reuters/Bloomberg, 18-Nov-2010). He added that Airbus should decide this year whether to proceed with the re-engined A320 which the LCC would be interested in acquiring. Boeing is also considering a re-engined B737 and has received support from Southwest and Ryanair for the move. Mr Fernandes stated Airbus and Boeing would face competition from new models introduced by Embraer, Bombardier and COMAC “if they wait any longer”. He added that AirAsia would consider Embraer or Bombardier aircraft if they manufactured larger, 170-180-seat aircraft.

AirAsia: “We need Airbus to hurry up and make a decision – I hope by the end of the year. Both Airbus and Boeing have taken a long time deciding about the next generation,” Tony Fernandes, CEO. Source: Bloomberg, 18-Nov-2010.