22-Aug-2013 10:31 AM

AirAsia Group recognises profit of USD3.9m from its associates

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes stated (21-Aug-2013) the group is beginning to see healthy contributions from its affiliates and adjacency businesses with AirAsia recognising a total profit of MYR12.9 million (USD3.9 million) from its associates and jointly controlled entities in 2Q2013- a profit of MYR22.0 million (USD6.6 million) as equity share in Thai AirAsia, a profit of MYR2.5 million (USD753,959) in Asian Aviation of Excellence Sdn Bhd, a loss of MYR3.7 million (USD1.1 million) from AAE Travel Pte Ltd, and a loss of MYR7.9 million (USD2.4 million) from AirAsia Japan. [more - original PR]