6-Jul-2010 9:58 AM

Air Berlin increases shareholding in NIKI from 24% to 49.9%

Air Berlin announced (05-Jul-2010) an increase in its shareholding in NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH. Details include:

  • Share acquisitions: Air Berlin indirectly acquired 25.9% of shares in NIKI from the Privatstiftung Lauda (private Lauda foundation), increasing to 49.9%;
  • Purchase price: EUR21 million;
  • Loan agreement: Air Berlin will grant the Lauda foundation EUR40.5 million. The foundation has the option to repay the loan in three years with cash or through the transfer of the remaining 50.1% of NIKI shares;
  • Executive news: Andreas Nikolaus (Niki) Lauda will remain available to NIKI for at least another three years;
  • Branding: NIKI will be fully consolidated within the Air Berlin group. It will remain a legally independent company with its own management. The NIKI brand will be maintained. [more]