22-Feb-2013 10:46 AM

ABEAR carriers reduce supply 7.19% in Jan-2013 compare to Jan-2012; reports ASKs, RSKs, market share

Brazilian Association of Airlines (ABEAR) announced (21-Feb-2013) its five member carriers collectively reduced supply in Jan-2013 by 7.19%, compared to Jan-2012. ABEAR technical advisor Adalberto Febeliano said, "The reduction in supply has been a trend among business in recent months in response to rising operating costs." ABEAR reported the following ASKs, RSKs and load factors for Jan-2013:

  • ASKs: +4.58% overall in Jan-2013 compared to Dec-2012;
  • RPKs: +6.79% overall in Jan-2013 compared to Dec-2012;
    • TRIP: +24.75%;
    • Azul: +12.91%;
    • Gol: +6.23%;
    • TAM: +4.35%;
    • Avianca Brazil: +3.67%;
  • Load factors: overall 79.39%, +1.64%;
    • TRIP: +7.15%;
    • Azul and TAM: +2%;
    • Avianca Brazil and Gol: no change;
  • Market shares in Jan-2013, compared to Dec-2012: