23-Aug-2013 3:17 PM

A4A: US carriers reinvest USD6bn in 1H2013, highest rate since 2001

Airlines for America (A4A) stated (22-Aug-2013) US airlines reinvested USD6 billion in 1H2013, a level of investment not reached since 2001. A4A VP and chief economist John Heimlich said: “While the airline industry is making the transition from razor-thin to paper-thin margins, keeping just 2.1 pennies per dollar of revenue generated in the first half of 2013, it is reinvesting in the product and travel experience for customers at a rate not seen in 12 years, to the tune of $1 billion per month. Airline customers, employees, investors and the US economy are all vastly better off with a financially strong industry that can cover its costs over an entire business cycle and compete effectively on the global stage, while expanding air service and creating even more American jobs.” [more – original PR]