Tigerair pilots set to commence industrial action

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Pilots at Tigerair have given notice that protected industrial action will commence this Friday unless a deal can be reached in negotiations being held in Melbourne on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The industrial action will include pilots not performing any duties not prescribed on their originally published roster, not accepting duty call outs on rostered days off or annual leave days, and refusal to fly aircraft with any permissible unserviceability as described in the Minimum Equipment List.

VIPA, which represents Virgin and Tigerair pilots in Australia, said today the decision to take action is not one the pilots have taken lightly.

“After more than 12 months of negotiations, we’re disappointed that the pilots have had to take industrial action to ensure they have comparable employment conditions to flying for all other major airlines in Australia,” VIPA President John Lyons said.

“But the Tigerair pilots we represent in these negotiations voted overwhelmingly to take these actions to send a clear message to the business that they are seeking significant improvements in what is being offered to them to bring their next enterprise agreement in line with basic industry standards, both in terms of pay and work-life balance. Tigerair pilots are simply looking for a fair deal.”

“What we won’t accept is substantial cuts to pilots’ conditions, including a reduced number of days off and restrictions on access to rostering lifestyle benefits in order to earn a salary that is still well below their peers in other Australian airlines.”

Contact: VIPA President John Lyons 0405 323 000

This press release was sourced from VIPA, on 01-May-2018.