Swine Flu update - 29-Apr-09: Air Transport Association of America

Air Transport Association of America stated (28-Apr-09) it would continue close coordination with government agencies and US airlines.

The Air Transport Association of America, (ATA) the industry trade organization for the leading US airlines, today commented on recent developments related to swine influenza.
ATA president and CEO James C. May said, “The safety and security of employees and passengers is our number-one priority -airlines have a long history of monitoring and preparing for communicable diseases like swine flu. Travelers should and airline employees are taking the situation seriously, but no one should panic. Everyone should use the common-sense measures provided by CDC. Airlines continue to follow CDC recommendations for their employee procedures, which include monitoring and reporting any case of communicable disease onboard aircraft.”
May continued, “While the CDC issued a ‘travel health warning’ advising people to postpone nonessential travel to Mexico, it has not called for restricting flights. Likewise, the World Health Organization recommended not to close borders and not to restrict international travel. ATA and the airlines will continue our close coordination with various governmental agencies and will respond as developments occur.”