Swine Flu Outbreak Update: 11-May-09: Ecuador lifts travel restrictions on Mexico: DFW Airport

DFW International Airport stated (08-May-09) it continues to monitor situation and is working with Federal, State and Local government agencies, airlines and other Airport stakeholders.

DFW International Airport, continues to monitor the swine flu situation and work with its federal, state and local government agencies, airlines and other Airport stakeholders.
The Airport is part of a vast national network of resources monitoring the situation, under the direction of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). DFW’s Emergency Operations Center remains activated as a precaution, and is participating with various agencies in responding to the situation.
At this time, there are no reported cases of swine flu affecting DFW passengers or Airport employees.
Passengers arriving from locales within Mexico are receiving information on how to identify the symptoms of swine flu in both English and Spanish.  US Customs and Border Protection officers are distributing the information. 
Additionally, many airlines are allowing concerned passengers to change their reservations to Mexico at no cost if they do not wish to travel.