Samoa Airways moves to normalise flight schedule and improve communication services

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Recent flight disruptions arising from weather related issues in Sydney have caused ongoing delays this week to Samoa Airways Flight schedules which the airline is working hard to normalise by Thursday.

CEO for Samoa Airways, Tupuivao Seiuli Alvin Tuala says all hands are on deck with staff working overtime to provide customer care, co-ordinate and communicate in real time between central operations in Samoa, New Zealand and Australia. A charter flight has been confirmed this evening which will fast track a return to normal services.

Tupuivao acknowledges the disruption has prompted the airline to re-evaluate their communication and operations systems following customer feedback online where passengers took to social media voicing their frustrations over the lack of timely notifications and response to urgent enquiries.

Since the weekend the airlines' call centre reported they were flooded with calls causing system failure and phone lines to drop however IT issues have since been resolved with Samoa Airways looking at ways to further improve this service.

"My sincerest apologies to all customers affected by the flight schedule disruptions" Tupuivao said "While we can't control the weather we can do better in responding and managing these major disruptions."

"I want to acknowledge your valuable feedback and assure you that this incident has helped us identify key areas we need to work on and we are improving them by putting systems in place to manage these types of disruptions more effectively in the future."

An extra team has been created to help monitor and manage congested customer enquiries with extended staff hours to provide after-hours customer service. All passengers are encouraged to check current flight schedules on Samoa Airways website and social media platforms. All contact numbers are currently working and listed below.

This press release was sourced from Samoa Airways on 08-Jan-2020.