Preferred Seating trial

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Preferred Seating trial

Qantas is trialling a Preferred Seating product, giving Silver, Bronze and non-Frequent Flyers the option to purchase seats towards the front of the Economy cabin meaning they'll be among the first to disembark and be served a meal.

Gold, Platinum and Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers will continue to be able to book these seats with no fee, as per their tier benefits.

The cost of Preferred Seats range from $5-$45 and are available in one Economy row on all Qantas aircraft, excluding the turboprop fleet. Qantas Frequent Flyers can also use Qantas Points to purchase their Preferred Seats.

Domestic and Regional From A$5 - A$15 depending on the length of the flight
Short Haul International A$20
Medium Haul International A$45
Long Haul International A$45

Within the check in flows, Preferred Seats are complimentary and will just appear as standard seats.

For voluntary flight changes made by the customer, where the same seat category is not available on the new flight, no refund of the Preferred Seat fee will be available. For involuntary changes made by Qantas, where the same seat category is not able to be offered on the new flight, a refund may be requested via our online refund form.

This press release was sourced from Qantas Airways on 11-Jul-2019.