MBIE: 2017 Convention Delegate Survey released

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Apr-2018 The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment published results of the 2017 Convention Delegate Survey today. Over 2017, spending by international delegates to multi-day convention and conferences in New Zealand grew strongly, while spending by domestic delegates fell.

Key findings include:

  • In the year to December 2017, multi-day convention and conference delegates spent an estimated $506 million within New Zealand (down 14 per cent compared to December 2016 year), with $153 million by international delegates (up 17 per cent), $86 million by local delegates (down 39 per cent) and $267 million by other domestic delegates (down 16 per cent).
  • Multi-day convention delegates stayed an estimated total of 1,080,000 visitor nights in New Zealand over 2017. This includes both international delegates and domestic delegates from outside the event region.
  • On average, each international delegate spent $2,151 in New Zealand. Spend per domestic delegate was $1,435, while spend per local delegate was $597.
  • International delegates stayed an average of 7.2 nights in New Zealand (4.4 nights in the event region and 2.8 nights elsewhere in New Zealand), spending an estimated $299 per night.
  • Domestic delegates (New Zealand delegates from outside the event region) stayed an average of 3.1 nights in the event region, spending an estimated $461 per night.

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This press release was sourced from MBIE on 08-Apr-2018.