Jetstar boosts reliability and punctuality with seventh Airbus A321neo LR and check

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Jetstar boosts reliability and punctuality with seventh Airbus A321neo LR and check-in time changes

Jetstar's seventh Airbus A321neo LR (NEO) aircraft has arrived in Melbourne after a 20-hour, two-stop journey from the Airbus factory in Germany, further strengthening the airline's operations.

Quieter and more fuel efficient, the low-cost carrier's existing fleet of six NEOs is one of the best in class, delivering 99.8% mechanical reliability, greater than the NEO's world fleet average.

Jetstar is set to receive another 11 A321neo LR aircraft by the end of 2024, bringing the next generation fleet to 18.

Using up to 20 per cent less fuel, the aircraft are operating domestic services and flying between Australia and Bali, helping Jetstar deliver on its commitment to providing more low fares.

From 29 June, the NEOs will also fly between Sydney and Rarotonga when Jetstar launches the only direct service between Australia and the largest of the Cook Islands.

After final preparations and checks by Jetstar engineers at the airline's hangar in Melbourne, the seventh NEO will start flying customers in the coming days.

Investing in new aircraft is an important part of Jetstar's ongoing efforts to improve punctuality and reliability for its millions of customers every year.

Other improvement measures include recruiting more staff in customer service, engineering and operational roles and upgrading systems and processes.

New check-in times

As part of these changes and to further help with getting flights away on time, from Tuesday 23 May 2023, check-in and bag drop will close 40 minutes before departure for Australian and New Zealand domestic flights and 60 minutes prior to departure for flights departing from an international terminal.

The boarding gate will close 20 minutes before departure for both domestic and international flights.

The changes bring Jetstar's check-in times in line with other low-cost carriers in Australia and globally. Customers are being updated by email, text message, at jetstar.com and via signage in our terminals.

Jetstar's Chief Operating Officer, Matt Franzi, said everyone across the business is working hard to strengthen Jetstar's operations while continuing to deliver low fares for customers.

"We know our performance hasn't been up to scratch and we are working hard to boost punctuality and reliability.

"Our Airbus A321neo LRs are some of the newest aircraft in the world and our current fleet of six has delivered world beating mechanical reliability for its aircraft type. We are excited to be adding the seventh NEO to our fleet.

"To improve our performance, we're also recruiting more airport staff, cabin crew and engineering team members and making changes to our check-in, bag drop and boarding times, to bring them in line with other low-cost carriers around the world.

"Everyone across the airline is committed to getting Jetstar to its best while delivering the lowest possible fares so our customers can fly to more places, more often."

Jetstar's Airbus A321neo LRs are:

· 50 per cent quieter than similar size Airbus A320/A321s

· burn up to 20 per cent less fuel to reduce emissions

· have an extra fuel tank to fly further (about 3,500 nautical miles / 6,482 kilometers)

· 232 wider seats each with USB power

· extra-large overhead storage bins with 40 per cent more space

· coloured LED lighting to provide better comfort

This press release was sourced from Jetstar Airways on 16-May-2023.