Jet Airways in a conciliation process with pilots

Direct News Source

08-Sep-2009 As per the directions of the Regional Labour Commissioner, Jet Airways has been in a conciliation process with the pilots. The Regional Labour Commissioner had categorically stated that any strike by the pilots during this pendency of conciliation, would be deemed an illegal act, as per the Industrial Disputes Act.

Regrettably, a section of the pilots who were rostered for operations have resorted to a simulated strike by reporting sick.

This organised activity is a planned sabotage of operations that will damage the airline’s operations and inconvenience the travelling public.

Jet Airways is taking all steps to minimise the inconvenience to its guests. The airline will make all efforts to operate the maximum number of flights. However, perforce some flights may have to be combined or cancelled, we will try to accommodate our guests on alternate flights.

The airline’s website, Call Centre and Jet Alert sms’s will provide updated information on the flight status. Efforts will be made to update the flights status information through the news channels.
All affected guests can get either a full refund or rebook themselves on an alternate date without any cancellation or reissue charges.

Jet Airways regrets the inconvenience caused to its esteemed guests and seeks their understanding & support during this difficult phase.