Go Airlines immediate dissemination

Direct News Source

“Go Airlines is currently celebrating its achievement as one of India's most reliable and creditable airlines owing to a number of consistent industry factors as confirmed by DGCA.

For the Last 2 Quarters (amongst National Airlines) these include factors like

• Lowest Cancellations In Industry for 1st Quarter and zero cancellations for 2nd Quarter
• High on time performance (Average 84%)
• Highest load factors in the industry (Average 80%)
• Highest Market Share per Aircraft in the industry (0.79 %)
• Highest Ratio of Market Share to Capacity Share Ratio (0.81%)

We also came first in a independent poll carried out by DIAL ' as the best customer service out of Delhi airport.

With this rising and lucrative value Creation, the airline has been receiving a number of proposals for Investment in the Airline which is a testament to the Shareholder Value being created.

The decision taken by the board of the company is not to proceed with any such Proposal and focus on its Business plan of inducting to its existing brand new fleet of 8 aircraft, another 12 aircraft, completing its order of 20 Airbus's which the company bought in the year 2007 for $1.2 Billion USD.

The Board is very proud of the Companies Achievements both financially and operationally and gives full credit to its management, co - workers, Trade Partners and all its stake holders who have helped the Company achieve its 'Industry leader' Status.”