Comments by Civil Aviation Administration (Republic of Bulgaria)

Direct News Source

With references to recent articles in the media, and particularly the article published in Wikipedia, stating that the Azerbaijan operator Silk Way Airlines is involved in illegal transportation of weapons for terrorist organizations from/trough Bulgarian territory, the Directorate General “Civil Aviation Administration” to the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria would like to clarify the following:

All flights operated by Silk Way Airlines from/trough the territory of Bulgaria, with special/military production on board, were performed in accordance with all National and International regulations and legal provisions, with all respective permits, certificates and documents for transportation by air of such sensitive cargo. Without any exceptions, Silk Way Airlines strictly adheres to all IATA and ICAO regulations for safe transportation of Dangerous Goods by air. For every flight, the operator and the shipper of the cargo duly disclosed in a legal manner and by legal documents the origin, the route of the flight, as well as the consignor, consignee and the end user.

There is no place for tendentious speculations, that the transported on boar cargo is intended for known terrorist enclaves in Syria and other conflict zones in Central Asia and Africa. All flights were done under the control of the Directorate General “Civil Aviation Administration” as well as under the control of many other responsible national and international authorities.

This press release was sourced from Bulgaria CAA on 19-Feb-2018.