Change to international carry-on baggage policy in premium cabins

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Change to international carry-on baggage policy in premium cabins

Qantas is changing its cabin baggage policy for customers travelling in premium cabins (First, Business and Premium Economy) on international flights, providing more choice in how they use their 14kg weight allowance.

From 2 September 2019, these customers continue to be able to bring a total of 14kg onboard, with the added flexibility of being allowed one piece weighing up to 10kg. Previously the international cabin allowance included two bags that could each weigh up to 7kg. Economy carry-on allowances remain unchanged at one bag with a maximum allowable weight of 7kg.

Carry-on baggage allowances apply to the cabin of travel, regardless of Qantas Frequent Flyer status or tier.

International First, Business and Premium Economy carry-on allowances, from 2 September onwards:

  • 1 x 115cm - maximum 10kg OR
  • 2 x 105cm - maximum 10kg for one piece of luggage with a combined total weight of 14kg OR
  • 1 x 105cm - maximum 10kg, + 1 x 185cm non rigid garment bag

1. Why are we changing the international carry-on policy for premium cabins?

This change offers our First, Business and Premium Economy customers more flexibility in how they use their carry-on baggage allowance, while not changing the total allowable weight or number of items. The new policy provides our customers in premium cabins with the choice to bring onboard one piece weighing up to 10kg, with the total allowance of 14kg across two pieces of cabin baggage remaining.

2. What are the requirements around bag dimensions?

If a customer is only travelling with one carry-on item, the maximum total dimensions allowed are 115cm. If travelling with two pieces, both carry-on bag dimensions must be a maximum of 105cm.

3. Why aren't these changes being made for Economy customers?

The total allowable weight and number of items is not changing for any classes of travel across international flights, simply the distribution of that weight for First, Business and Premium Economy. The international Economy carry-on baggage allowance is one item with a total weight of 7kg - this remains unchanged.Due to our long-range international flying, increasing the Economy allowance would impact certain routes by greatly increasing the overall aircraft load. A 7kg limit for international Economy is common among other airlines including Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Cathay and Etihad.

4. When is the change in allowance effective?

The change is effective 2 September 2019.

5. Why is it important to adhere to the allowance?

Focusing on the amount of baggage customers bring onboard helps flights depart on time and allows everyone to have their fair share of space in the overhead compartments. Heavy bags or overhead baggage compartments that are too full can cause a safety risk for customers and crew. Customers continue to be responsible for lifting their carry-on baggage into the overhead compartment.
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6. Can customers still take on one small personal item?

Yes, this remains unchanged.

7. What is the allowance for customers with a Qantas itinerary including both international and domestic flights?

The carry-on baggage allowances for each flight in a customer's itinerary must be observed. Customers should pack to the lightest weight allowance and most conservative item limit for their entire journey. We will advise customers of their applicable allowances.

International premium cabins with domestic connections:

These changes for customers travelling in First, Business and Premium Economy on international flights bring their carry-on baggage allowances in line with our domestic policy, meaning the same conditions apply to all flights in their itinerary, regardless of the domestic ticket class. The only exception to this is QantasLink fights operated by Dash 8 aircraft, in which case the regional allowance of one 7kg bag applies.

International Economy with domestic connections:

For customers travelling Economy on an international flight with domestic Qantas flights in their itinerary, their 7kg allowance for one bag under the international carry-on baggage policy will apply. This is the allowance that will be promoted to them for the entire itinerary in pre-departure communications. Technically, if they wish to carry a bag with weight up to 10kg on their domestic flight, they may do so if they have a plan to ensure the bag is within the 7kg limit on their international sectors.

8. What is the allowance on international flights operating domestic sectors, e.g. QF9 MEL-PER?

The international allowance applies.

9. What are we doing to ensure our customers are aware of our allowance?

To ensure our customers know about and follow our baggage policy, all pre-departure communications to our international customers travelling in premium cabins have been updated with the new policy, and for passengers travelling in Economy, the ongoing 7kg allowance is clear. These details will also be communicated on Qantas.com, trade channels, check-in channels, airport signage, kiosk updates, and Qantas apps.

Customers are reminded it's their responsibility to ensure their baggage complies with the allowance and that they've packed a weight they're comfortable lifting and moving into the overhead locker themselves. Our Customer Service Agents will maintain their current focus on ensuring our international carry-on baggage allowances are followed, taking advantage of opportunities to highlight the maximum applicable weights to all customers checking in for international flights.

This press release was sourced from Qantas Airways on 02-Sep-2019.