Bamboo Airways – ready to take on the world

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Bamboo Airways, the rising star of aviation in Asia, took a major step towards becoming a leading global airline today.

The dynamic Vietnamese full service airline has established a partnership - launched today in Hanoi - with Yates and Partners, the world’s premier aviation and hospitality consultancy, to help place Bamboo Airways among the top airlines in the world.

Since their arrival in 2017, Bamboo’s ambition has been to bring the world to Vietnam and to bring Vietnam to the world.

“The people of Vietnam and their guests deserve the best, and that is what Bamboo Airways will deliver,” said Keith Yates, Partnership Chair at Yates and Partners.

The young airline’s ambitious plans will see the company transform into a carrier that is world class in every way, but particularly in the key areas of service, safety and sustainability.

Bamboo Airways has always been about more than just a flight, but today they become the Wings of Vietnam – aspiring to deliver a five-star world class experience at every moment of the journey,” said Mr. Yates.

Bamboo Airways Director General, Eric Thang said “Our people are the rising stars of service and hospitality. They will bring the gracious soul of Vietnam to the world”.

Mr. Yates said Bamboo Airways has the core values and mindset to take on the world’s best airlines.

“Yates and Partners has played a key role in the rise of many of the world’s leading airlines. In Bamboo Airways, we see the fundamental values of a world class carrier in the making: their ambition and energy, their sense of national pride, and their dedication to service. This is why they’ve achieved so much in a short time.”

“For more than one-year aviation has been dealing with a grim reality. Bamboo Airways will be a torch bearer leading international travel out of the dark times.”

In addition to creating a world class experience for every Bamboo guest, the airline, in collaboration with Yates and Partners, is transforming its environmental impact through a revolutionary approach to managing single use plastics and other materials and adopting new service and logistical practices to diminish risks to health and safety.

This press release was sourced from Bamboo Airways on 03-May-2021.