CAPA Qatar Aviation Aeropolitical and Regulatory Summit

Doha, Qatar
5-6 Feb 2020

Thursday 6 February 2019

Registration, Networking & Coffee
CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison
IAG, Chief Executive Officer, Willie Walsh
North America’s Approach to Open Skies
With the swathe of open skies agreements in the 1990s and the early part of the 21st century originating from the US, it remains a vital part of the modern liberal bilateral system. Now, Brexit prompts a vital review of the North Atlantic multilateral agreement, while the US is seemingly wavering in its commitment to the principles of a laissez-faire international marketplace. Meanwhile Canada remains committed to its (dark) Blue Skies protectionist policy. In the wake of the US Big Three’s onslaught on the Gulf carriers, there is still a lack of clarity over the US position on liberal market access, a question made more poignant by the Trump administration’s attacks on free trade generally. However, some comfort can be drawn from Washington’s apparent reluctance to intervene in a protective way.
  • How does the industry navigate the crossroad between trade and travel?
  • Does the US Big Three vs ME3 white paper still have a role to play in the future of the region?
  • Should antitrust immunity be expanded or contracted?
  • Ownership and control limitations – encouraging investment into airlines and infrastructure.
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Senior Advisor, John Thomas
  • European Commission, Head of Unit for Aviation Agreements, Carlos Bermejo Acosta
  • Holland & Knight, Partner, Anita Mosner
  • US Department of Transportation, Director, International Aviation, Brian Hedberg
Airport slots and facilities – implications of policy choices for airline competitiveness
  • What are the alternative ownership models to privatisation?
  • What do governments need to consider when deciding whether airports should be privatised?
  • What form should regulation take, in order to strike a balance between national and private interests?
  • Who ‘owns” airport slots? How should slot policy be regulated and developed?
  • What future is there for managing airport capacity that cannot meet demand? To prevent chaos and one that limits growth?
Moderator: Aviation Advocacy, Managing Director, Andrew Charlton
  • ACI Europe, Head, Economics & Competition, Michael Stanton-Geddes
  • Airport Coordination Limited, Chief Executive Officer, Edmond Rose
  • PA Nyras, Commercial Aviation Lead, David Huttner
  • Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group, Chairman, Eric Herbane
Coffee Break and Networking
Cargo services: Industry stepchild or driver or economic growth and deregulation?
Cargo services often are given less attention than passenger operations. Yet, air cargo serves as a lifeline for nations such as Qatar and also provides the foundation for the global supply chain. Yet, the nature of the cargo business demands operational flexibility and liberal operating rules to meet the needs of consumer businesses. This panel will examine the forces and pressures shaping the business.
Moderator: TIACA, Secretary General, Vladimir Zubkov [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]
  • Pittsburgh International Airport, Vice President, Air Service Development, Bryan Dietz
  • SEMIK, Chief Executive Officer, Sebastian Mikosz
  • Winnipeg Airports Authority, Chief Commercial Officer, Pascal Belanger
Education & Training in Aviation
Riding on the success of the Doha Declaration released at the 2019 CAPA Qatar Aviation Aeropolitical and Regulatory Summit, we celebrate those that have committed to helping continue the evolution of the Declaration through further research and education in the aviation sector.
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Dean, College of Business, Maneesh Sharma
  • Leiden University, Professor of Air and Space Law, Pablo Mendes de Leon
  • National University of Singapore, Professor of Aviation Law, Alan Tan
The Way Ahead in the Aviation Aeropolitical Arena - what have we learnt?
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison [DOWNLOAD DOHA DECLARATION]
  • IAG, Chief Executive Officer, Willie Walsh
  • Qatar Airways, Group CEO, H.E. Akbal Al Baker
Closing Remarks
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
Networking Lunch & Close of Summit