CAPA Latin America Aviation Summit

Cartagena, Colombia
11-12 Sep 2017

Tuesday 12 September

08:00 Registration
08:30 Coffee Tasting, Colombian Style
A pre-conference lesson about Colombia’s world renowned coffee industry by a local grower. Samples will be given
09:00 Chairman's Welcome
CAPA - Centre for Aviation
, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
09:05 The Big Picture: Hot markets, recovering markets, airline business models and distribution evolution
Putting the pieces together, our panel of experts will explore the 'hot topics' most relevant to the evolution of aviation and distribution throughout Latin America today. We will dig deeper into these challenges and discuss how opportunities can be full realised.

Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison

Panel Members:
  • ACI-LAC, Director General, Javier Martinez Botacio
  • CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Senior Analyst (the Americas), Lori Ranson
  • Expedia, Managing Director, Latam, Carolina Piber
09:40 Brazil On The Rise (again)?
  • What is the progress in Brazil’s aviation sector, including tourism and corporate segments?
  • Where is the market going?
  • What are the objectives of the players and what are the changes are needed to get there for sustainable success?
  • What have airlines learned from political and economic turmoil?
  • Can profitable growth be attained and sustained?
  • To what extent is infrastructure limiting the growth of the market
  • What should change at Brazil’s congested airports?
  • Is privatisation the only course of action?
Moderator: ALTA, Legal Director, Gonzalo Yelpo

Panel Members:
  • Amadeus IT Group, Account Director Brazil, Gustavo Murad
  • Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, Alliances & Distribution Director, Marcelo Bento Ribeiro
  • Expedia, Director, Air Accounts, Bryan Bachrad
  • São Paulo Guarulhos Airport, CEO, Gustavo Figueiredo
10:25 The China Market and its likely impact on Latin American aviation and travel
China's massive population is spreading its wings as its economy rapidly expands. Outbound tourism numbers are increasing at an unprecedented rate, with several hundred million Chinese tourists expected to be exploring further and further afield as air services grow and access restrictions are lifted.
In step with this growth, China's airlines are adding service into new markets on an almost daily basis. They are both following and leading the tourism boom, often adding capacity well ahead of demand. There are some 30 Chinese airlines with long haul aircraft in their usually young fleets, with the support of their government to explore new markets.
Most of the expansion to date has been within the Asia Pacific region. For Latin America, distance, lack of market familiarity and lower trade flows mean that the spread of Chinese travellers (beyond Mexico and Brazil) has so far been relatively limited. Over the next five years, as awareness grows and new aircraft types are introduced to fleets, the China market will offer major opportunities to airlines and to tourism bodies.
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison [Download Presentation]
10:45 Coffee Break
11:25 Low Cost Carriers - Take 2, a Focus on Hybridisation
The success of LCCs & ULCCs is driving network airlines to re-think their business model, especially for domestic and regional markets. Iberia Express is probably the best hybrid example in Europe, and now airlines in Latin America are attempting the transition, including LATAM and SKY. In this session we explore the challenge (and the opportunity), and discuss the progress being made by airlines in the region to compete with the LCC/ULCC airlines.

Moderator: KPMG, Socio/Partner, Eliseo Llamazares

Panel Members:
  • LATAM Airlines Colombia, CEO, Fernando Poitevin
  • SKY Airline, CEO, Holger Paulmann
11:50  Sales, Distribution and Payments: What are the priorities, objectives and challenges in Latin America?
  • What challenges are unique, how and why for airlines in Latin America when it comes to distribution (e.g. role of OTA, Intermediaries, tour operators versus direct business)?
  • Are airlines in Latin America clear on their GDS strategies after GOL and TAM for example have had content in, out and in the GDS?
  • Where is the relationship with the GDS and NDC, new distribution tech partners?
  • Is “Direct Connect” to bypass the traditional GDS a priority?
  • How will distribution strategy evolve in the next 1-3 years
  • What are the real objectives and priorities for airlines?
  • Have the players in the eco-system been effectively engaged in the debate relating to changing distribution strategies?
  • What IATA initiatives are being considered in LATAM – NDC, IATA NextGen payments, OneOrder?
Moderator: MW Travel Consultancy, Partner, Vicky Fernandez de Larrea

Panel Members:
  • Lufthansa Group, Senior Director South America, Tom Maes 
  • Southwest Airlines, Director International Planning and Airline Partnerships, Business Development, Steven Swan
  • Travelport, Vice President Product and Marketing, Air Commerce, Ian Heywood
  • UATP, Director, Sales Implementations, Robson Rodrigues
12:30 Keynote and Q&A
LATAM Airlines Group
, SVP Clients & LATAM Airlines Brazil President, Claudia Sender Ramirez
12:50 Closing Remarks
13:00 Lunch and Conference Close