CAPA Latin America Aviation Summit

Cartagena, Colombia
11-12 Sep 2017

Sunday 10 September

18.00 Welcome Reception at Hilton Cartagena Hotel
Hosted by: SACSA, ProColombia, Gema Tours

Monday 11 September

08:00   Registration 
08:30 Coffee Tasting, Colombian Style
A pre-conference lesson about Colombia’s world renowned coffee industry by a local grower. Samples will be given
09:00 Chairman's Welcome
CAPA - Centre for Aviation
, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
09:05 Welcome to Cartagena
Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa (SACSA
), Legal Representative, Ramon Pereira
09:15 The Status of the Latin American Airline Market & its prognosis for future health.
CAPA - Centre for Aviation
, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison [Download Presentation]
09:40 Keynote Q&A
Investing in Latin America: Stimulating untapped demand in the Latin American marketplace
Latin America's low cost airline expansion has lagged other regions. Central America, driven by Mexico has a high (domestic) LCC component, but South America, even with a 50% LCC share in the large Brazilian domestic market, lacks any significant penetration.
Overall, international LCC activity is very limited. This is changing as some of the branded LCCs expand into new territory, but it is only with greater liberalisation that opportunities for the branded LCCs will be able to make a substantial difference.
  • What are the reasons for limited LCC penetration in Latin America?
  • Is there a significant low cost electorate - e.g. proportionately to other regions (i.e. 30%+)?
  • Which countries offer the main opportunities for LCC expansion?
  • How do investors feel about investing in this sector?
CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison in conversation with:
Indigo Partners, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, William Franke
10:40  Coffee Break
11:15 Strategy for promoting international tourism to Colombia and the role of alliances with airlines
Colombia developed a new strategy for promoting international tourism and increased the country's international connectivity.
  • In what way is the context of the country's connectivity evolution contributing to growth?
  • What was done? / Why was it done?
    • Airports infrastructure and investment
    • Lowered taxes at Cartagena's airport
    • Decentralisation of international connectivity
  • What is the current (and intended) perception of international airlines towards Colombia? 
    • New peace context
  • What is the role of alliances with airlines in the development of international tourism?
  • Has the initiative already been successful?
Moderator: MW Travel Consultancy, Principal, Martin Warner

Panel Members:
  • Copa Airlines Colombia, CEO, Eduardo Lombana
  • ProColombia, President, Felipe Jaramillo
  • VivaColombia, Founder & CEO, William Shaw
11:45 The role of connectivity in both long haul, and intra-LATAM business: The future of Latin American hubs and alliances
Copa led the way with building an intra-regional connectivity business built on its Panama City hub, long haul airlines, many from Europe and the USA have been long time operators to Latin America and continue to evolve their business model, including the role of alliance and codeshare partners to maximise the opportunity from connectivity. Now we have the concept of LCCs building connectivity, both for domestic, intra-region and with long haul.
We explore the current trends and future opportunities as airlines seek the opportunities to de-risk investments, and to cope with often turbulent impacts of geopolitical, local and global economic trends.
What role do codeshares, joint ventures and hub & spoke connections play now and in the future. What does crystal ball gazing suggest the future holds?
  • What has been the success of intra-connectivity to date?
  • What trends and developments have recently, or are now taking place?
  • Who are the winners and losers so far?
  • What regulatory barriers are still getting in the way?
  • Are new aircraft opening new opportunities?
Opening Thoughts: Seabury Consulting, now part of Accenture, VP, Robert Hill [Download Presentation]

Moderator: MW Travel Consultancy, Partner, Vicky Fernandez de Larrea

Panel Members:
  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Managing Director, Marketing - Latin America, Caribbean and Africa, Kemp Harker
  • Houston Airports, Director of Air Service Development, Molly Waits
  • Qantas, Senior Executive VP The Americas, New Zealand, Pacific Islands & Japan, Stephen Thompson
12:30  Keynote: What does the Digital Revolution mean for Airlines?
Amadeus IT Group
, Executive Vice President, Head of Americas, Airline Business, Elena Avila [Download Presentation]
12:45 Airline Keynote & Q&A
, CEO & Executive President, Hernán Rincón discusses the strategy, focus and future of Avianca.
Following a keynote, CAPA’s Executive Chairman Peter Harbison will probe with Hernán what that strategy entails, how it differentiates and why we should believe it will be successful. We ask what led to the strategy and if it was based on aviation elsewhere in the world, or founded in beliefs from another industry.
13:15 Lunch Break
14:15 Designing the Airports of the future
Foster + Partners
, Partner, Juan Vieira

We hear about the advances made in the design and development of new airports and the latest innovations. With Mexico City's new international airport project breaking new ground in many areas, designed to deliver the worlds most sustainable airport our session looks at the largest aviation infrastructure project in Latin America. 
14:30 Low Cost Airlines and Latin America - Pure LCC, ULCC, hybrids, low cost long haul?
The market for LCCs in Latin America was slow to take off, save for Mexico and Brazil, now it seems to be booming!
  • What is the secret sauce for success?
  • How are new era narrow bodies transforming the proposition, both for customers and airlines?
  • What infrastructure challenges face LCCs and how are these being overcome?
  • Are we seeing potential for hybrids, codeshare, cross investment and interconnectivity emerging between network and low cost airlines?
Moderator: KPMG, Socio/Partner, Eliseo Llamazares

Panel Members:
  • ProColombia, VP of Tourism, Julián Guerrero 
  • Southwest Airlines, Managing Director Business Development, David Harvey
  • Tourism Ministry of Colima, Tourism Minister, César Castañeda 
  • VivaColombia, Founder & CEO, William Shaw
15:15 Handling the Growth: Airport and ANSP Infrastructure outlook in Latin America
  • What is needed to boost infrastructure and renewal investment across airports in Latin America?
  • What is being done today, how does that compare to need, and is the dialogue with airlines adequate?
  • What do customers need, the traveller but also the destinations and operators?
  • We hear from experts around the investments necessary, those being made and those that are still needed. We will also hear from current and recent projects such as Mexico City new International Airport.
Moderator: InterVISTAS Consulting, CFO, Kenneth Currie

Panel Members:
  • ACI-LAC, Director General, Javier Martinez 
  • AENA, DG of Non Regulated Business, José Manuel Fernández Bosch
  • Foster + Partners, Partner, Juan Vieira 
  • Lima Airport Partners, CEO, Juan José Salmón
  • Tourism Ministry of Colima, Minister of Tourism, Cesar Castañeda 
16:00  Coffee Break
16:30 The Future Latin American Traveller: How Mobile, OTAs and Metasearch is transforming airline marketing, and the changing "customer proposition" in Latin America
  • The widespread availability and use of mobile technology, the rise of metasearch, and the growth of OTAs all have concurrent implications on how airlines market to travellers, and how the customer views the end proposition they receive (in planning, and their experience during trip)
  • We examine the implication of mobile on booking behaviour and distribution strategy
  • We explore how airlines are modifying the booking experience and ask what further changes can travellers expect to see in terms of trip experience
  • What is unique, and how are the airlines, intermediaries, tech companies and airports evolving their products in response?
  • Travellers want “beyond air” to be part of their one stop booking process, what value do intermediaries add to this, and what is being rolled out to improve the value proposition of the intermediary in its relationship with the traveller
Moderator: MW Travel Consultancy, Principal, Martin Warner

Panel Members:
  • Amadeus IT Group, Head of Online Travel, LATAM, Sergio Vargas
  • Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, Alliances & Distribution Director, Marcelo Bento Ribeiro
  • Expedia, Managing Director, Latin America, Carolina Piber
  • Travelport, VP and General Manager for Latin America & Caribbean, Luis Carlos Vargas Da Silva
  • viajala, VP Business Development, Josian Chevallier
17:15 End of Day
17:15 Happy Hour with Travelport
18:45 Buses depart for Dinner at Casa 1537