CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit

Brisbane, Australia
14-15 Sep 2023

Day 2 - Friday 15 September 2023



Chairperson’s Welcome



Moderator: Oriel Morrison

Velocity Frequent Flyer, CEO, Nick Rohrlach



The post-pandemic industrial relations landscape – high wages or more strikes or both?

The industrial relations landscape for aviation in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island states continues to evolve. Aviation businesses continue to face a workforce shortage and have responded by increasing wages, enhancing training and committing more resources to workforce development. At the same time, aviation unions are increasingly dissatisfied with wage offers from aviation business, publicly rejecting offers and openly talking about industrial action.

  • Where has the balance of power ended up in aviation in the post-pandemic period?
  • With thousands of experienced workers having permanently departed the sector, what are the key recruiting areas for aviation businesses?
  • How do airlines address the enormous challenges in recruiting and accessing skilled workers?
  • What is the role of the public sector in helping to build the skills pipelines needed for the long term success of the regional aviation sector?

Moderator: 777 Partners, CEO, Manish Raniga


AAA, CEO James Goodwin

Australian and International Pilots Association, President, Tony Lucas

Flight Attendant Association of Australia, Secretary, Teri O’Toole



CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 2024 Host Announcement



Coffee break & Networking



The role of Government in supporting aviation and travel in Australia

Moderator:  Brisbane Airport, Executive General Manager Communications and Public Affairs, Rachel Crowley


Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Adrian Schrinner

Deputy Premier of Queensland Steven Miles MP



Australasian air cargo outlook for 2023

Air cargo went through a boom during the pandemic, triggered by enforced savings and ecommerce spending, but saw activity slowing through 2022. The outlook for the sector in 2023 is mixed: China is returning to normal and supply chains continue to stabilise, but at some time capacity continues to expand ahead of demand, yields are down and the macroeconomic outlook for much of the world remains dark.

  • With trade volumes still buoyant through the South Pacific, how are regional airlines taking advantage of the current situation in the cargo market?
  • How will the resumption of international flying by Chinese airlines into Australia and New Zealand affect the regional cargo market?
  • What will be the impact on air freight of falling ocean shipping prices and improved timeliness?
  • What role will autonomous aircraft, drones and other innovations have in the near future?

Moderator:  The University of Sydney Business School, Chair in Transport and Supply Chain Management, Deputy Director, Professor Rico Merkert


Macrolytics, CEO & Founder, Peter Negline

Cathay Pacific, General Manager, Cargo Service Delivery & Regional General Manager, Southwest Pacific (designate), Frosti Lau

AMSL Aero, Commercial Officer, David Orszaczky

Team Global Express, Executive General Manager - Priority, Joshua Peacock



Australia’s domestic market going into high gear

With the addition of Rex as a jet operator and the recent launch of Bonza, Australia now has four airline groups operating narrowbody aircraft in the domestic market.  New entrants and LCC growth in the Australia market has historically driven down airfares, triggered network expansion and supported smaller destinations and secondary airports. The result has been significant benefits for travellers, often at the expense of airlines’ bottom lines.

  • How is Australia’s domestic market performing?
  • What impact has new entrants on the market had on the overall competitiveness of the industry?
  • Is there space for airlines like Rex and Bonza to pursue further growth on different routes?
  • With cost of living and inflation a major concern for consumers, will new market entry and lower airfares help to sustain the recovery in leisure Australia?
  • What sort of competitive responses will be seen from incumbents Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia? 

Moderator:  Aviation Week, Senior Air Transport Editor, Adrian Schofield


777 Partners, CEO, Manish Raniga

Brisbane Airport, Executive General Manager Aviation, Ryan Both

Queensland Airports, CCO, Adam Rowe


Chairperson’s wrap up



Closing Lunch & Networking