CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit

Brisbane, Australia
4-5 Aug 2016
Wednesday 3 August 2016
08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome by Conference Chairman
HWL Ebsworth, Partner, Richard Davis

Keynote Address: Houston Airport System – Innovation and the delivery of a world leading passenger experience
Houston Airport System,
Director of Aviation, Mario Diaz


Special Presentation: The Millennial Travel - implications for airports and retail
Millennials differ distinctively from other generations due to their relationship with the online, mobile and technology developments of the last 30 years. Not only does their radically different media consumption impact how they select and book travel, but how they think about, move between and experience airport services is different. George Woods, L.E.K. Partner and expert on airports and airport infrastructure will release new research and key trends, including the rise of the sharing economy and group travel patterns.
L.E.K. Consulting,
Partner, George Woods


Panel Discussion: How are smart airports solving problems with technology and innovation?

We invite key stakeholders in the airport passenger experience to share their views on where airports are applying hot new technological solutions to create a seamless passenger experience.

  • From curbside to aircraft door, where are the advancements coming?
  • Does De-queue = Revenue?
  • How much will the smart-phone rule the future airport passenger experience?
  • Do winning airports think like airlines? And who ‘owns’ the customer?
Moderator: Airbiz, Managing Director, Greg Fordham
Panel Members:
  • Brisbane Airport Corporation, GM of Strategic Planning and Development, Roel Hellemons
  • New Zealand Customs Service, Group Manager Border Operations, Anne Marie Taggart
  • Sydney Airport, General Manager Corporate Affairs, Sally Fielke
  • The Greenstone Group, VP - Strategy & Innovation, Darren Heiberg

Coffee break, exhibition & networking hosted by:


Keynote Address: International Aviation Overview
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, G
eneral Manager, Aviation Industry Policy, Stephen Borthwick

Aviation Policy Panel Discussion: Airport capacity and productivity debate: Have we got the settings right?
Balancing the airline industry and airport/tourism industry interests.
  • Gateway Airports: Unpacking the Productivity Commission’s Barriers to Growth in Service Exports Report
  • Liberalisation: The changing tide in global air access liberalisation. Is Australia out of step?
  • Airport Capacity: Will moves to increase capacity at major airports push the envelope on environmental factors?
  • Has productivity become sleeper whilst low fuel prices persist? Has the low fuel price given many carriers a second life and what will be the impact when prices rise again? 
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation,Managing Director, Stephen Pearse
Panel Members:
  • Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, General Manager, Aviation Industry Policy, Stephen Borthwick
  • G20 Global Infrastructure Hub, Senior Director, Mar Beltran
  • Sydney Airport, Executive Director Aviation Services, Shelley Roberts
  • Winnipeg Airports Authority, President & CEO, Barry Rempel
13:00 Lunch, Exhibiting & Networking
Keynote Address: Evolving airport stakeholder relationships – from bi-lateral to multi-Lateral & symbiotic
Is there a need for airports to rebalance their view of the ultimate customer - the airline or the end traveller – and ultimately to what extent should other stakeholders be allowed to drive this change?
Brisbane Airport Corporation,
CEO & Managing Director, Julieanne Alroe
14:25 Panel Discussion: Enhancing the airport visitor experience
  • How can Australia’s airports be better connected to inter-modal transport links?
  • Improving the visitor experience at Australia’s borders: can passenger facilitation processes be further streamlined
  • How can technology be utilised to resource future growth in international visitation?
  • How important is the border experience to ‘brand Australia’?
  • Can International-domestic connectivity at Australia’s airports be improved?
  • Western Sydney Airport: A case study on the future of Airport Transport Infrastructure?

Moderator: three consulting, Partner, Hans Mitterlechner

  • L.E.K. Consulting, Partner, Mark Streeting
  • Taylor Street Advisory, Executive Chairman, Christopher Brown
  • Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF), CEO, Margy Osmond
15:15 Coffee break, Exhibition & Networking
15:45 Panel Discussion: The secondary international gateways in Australia and New Zealand flex their muscles
Emerging gateways in Australia and New Zealand are announcing long-awaited international services.
  • Who is next – and are the services sustainable?
  • What’s fuelling the growth?: New aircraft types, high charges/capacity constraints at the major airports, or something else?
Moderator: HWL Ebsworth, Partner, Richard Davis
Panel Members:
  • Newcastle Airport, CEO, Peter Cock
  • Queensland Airports, CEO, Chris Mills
  • Sunshine Coast Airport, General Manager, Peter Pallot
  • Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, General Manager, Phil Gregory
16:30 Wrap: Is the current market environment ‘as good as it gets’? 
International capacity has grown strongly, but the Aussie and NZ dollars have come down substantially, affecting directional flows and yields. But at the same time, fuel prices are very low. It’s a strange environment - where to next?

Moderator: L.E.K. Consulting, Partner, George Woods
Panel Members:

  • Auckland Airport, General Manager Aeronautical Commercial, Norris Carter
  • Deutsche Bank, Director, Cameron McDonald
  • Hastings, Head of Global Asset Management
  • OAG, ‎Business Development Director APAC, Mark Clarkson
17:15 Networking Reception
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