CAPA Asia Aviation Summit & Sustainability Awards

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2-3 Nov 2023

Day 2 - Friday 03 November 2023



Chairperson’s Welcome



Operations Update {Download Presentation}

CAE, Head of Sales (Asia), Vivian Dsouza



Asia Pacific aviation – ensuring the system is working on time 

The rapid recovery of passenger traffic during 2022 also saw a spike in operational disruptions globally – leading to queues in airports, delays and cancellations for airlines and disgruntled travellers. With the Asia Pacific undergoing a slower traffic recovery, these problems have not been as pronounced for much of the region. However, with supply chains disrupted and labour markets upended, airlines have still struggled to get things right on the operational front.  

As traffic continues to build and some markets push beyond pre-pandemic levels, the performance of the regional air travel sector remains under pressure. Airlines and airports will need to work with the public sector providers to ensure that the system is robust and able to handle both peak volumes and interrupted and irregular operations.

  • What operational lessons have Asia Pacific carriers drawn from the experience of the last few years? 
  • How have regulators and aviation authorities acting to ensure their own performance matches the demands of the system? 
  • With digitalisation and automation on the rise, how are these technologies enabling airports, airlines and the supply chain to enhance their operational performance? 
  • What are the key areas of concern in the long term? Is infrastructure, workforce, public-private interaction or something else the key concern? 
  • What are the bottlenecks that remain in the system? 

Moderator: CAE, Head of Sales (Asia), Vivian Dsouza


Malaysia Airports, COO, Gordon Stewart

Japan Airlines, Senior Research Fellow, Industry-Academia Research and Cooperations, Yoguchi Akihide

SITA, Vice President Airports, Borders, Communications & Data Exchange, Sanjeev K

Batik Air, Group Strategy Director, Chandran Rama Muthy

Oliver Wyman, Partner; Head of Transportation & Services, Asia Pacific Region, Douglas Carlucci



CAPA Airline Leader Summit - Asia 2024 Announcement



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Asia Airports – altering the business mindset to meet changing airline and passenger demands 

The past few years have not been kind to airports in Asia.  With regional lockdowns, a morass of COVID-19 travel requirements and stubbornly closed international borders, the recovery in the region has trailed behind the rest of the world.  

However, as lockdowns have ended and borders reopened passenger traffic in the region has started to return to more ‘normal’ volumes. In 2023 airports have enjoyed a steep rebound in traffic, with travellers eager to return to destinations that have been cut off to them in the past few years, or to explore new destinations. 

Recovery in the region has been far from uniform though. Domestic markets have generally performed well. The return of international travel in the region, though, has been much more uneven. As in the rest of the world, short haul and leisure travel has come back quickly, but intercontinental and business traffic has lagged well behind. 

A full return to pre-pandemic traffic volumes across the region is still a little way ahead. In the interim, the region will be a hotbed of aviation activity as connectivity is restored, networks are rebuilt, and new traveller preferences are catered to. 

Traveller demands and expectations of airports have also shifted. In response, airports have had to become more agile, embracing new systems that are personalised to the individual passenger, bringing on on-demand services, contactless journeys and other changes to the passenger experience. 

  • What are the key challenges for airports across the region? 
  • How has the demand for services – from airlines and travellers – changed since the start of the pandemic? 
  • What are the priorities for airports with the ongoing shift to digitalisation? 
  • What physical changes to airport spaces are occurring as airports re-define the passenger experience? 

Moderator: SITA, Vice President Airports, Borders, Communications & Data Exchange, Sanjeev K


Malaysia Airports, Senior General Manager Strategy, Megat Ardian Wira Mohd Aminuddin

GMR Airports, Advisor, Bashir Ahmad



Sustainability Award winners panel

In this session we hear from some of the Sustainability Award winners this year. The winners across the global and regional categories are as a result of their leading rankings from the CAPA Envest Global Environmental Sustainability Benchmarking Report 2023, while additional categories were selected from a rigorous judging process led by CAPA’s internal analysts.

The category winners have established themselves as leaders among their peers, providing a model of operation that others can aspire to.

Moderator: Envest Global, Executive Director, David Wills


IndiGo, Vice President Finance ( Investor Relations, ESG, Transformation), Kailash Rana

Wizz, Corporate & ESG Officer, Yvonne Moynihan

Pegasus Airlines, General Counsel & Sustainability Director, Ali Uzun

Allegheny County Airport Authority, Director, Planning & Sustainability, Chad Willis


Chairperson’s wrap up



Closing Lunch & Networking