CAPA Americas Aviation Summit

Las Vegas, United States of America
11-12 Apr 2016

DAY 1 – MONDAY 11 APRIL 2016




Chairman's welcome


Welcome to Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, President & CEO, Rossi Ralenkotter 
  • McCarran International Airport, Director of Aviation, Rosemary Vassiliadis 


CAPA Keynote Address: The six things that US airlines need for international success 

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison


Opportunities in Asia: Different strategies to capitalise on Asia’s expansion

  • Partnerships, JVs and equity stakes are in the strategic mix for American carriers wishing to tap into Asia’s growth
  • How are Asia’s airlines tapping into the Americas to expand their global footprints
  • Bilateral trends
  • US airlines often go outside traditional alliances in ensuring they have blanket coverage of Asia
  • Challenges of distribution in diverse Asian markets, to gain inbound traffic. How to get the mix right?

Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison

Panel Members:

  • Air China, VP & GM North America, Zhihang Chi
  • All Nippon Airways, VP Strategic Planning, The Americas, Tadashi Matsushida
  • Hainan Airlines, CEO, Xin Di
  • Korean Air, VP Sales & Marketing, North America, John Jackson
  • Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Director of Aviation, Rosemary Vassiliadis
  • Travelport, VP Product & Marketing, Air Commerce, Ian Heywood




The Witches' Brew: Alliances, equity, JVs and protectionism

  • Evolution of global and bilateral alliances
  • The second coming of equity alliances?
  • Are immunised airline JVs sustainable in the long term?
  • Protectionism meets open skies: who wins?

Moderator: CNN, Anchor, Richard Quest


Panel Members:

  • A4A, SVP Legislative & Regulatory Policy, Sharon Pinkerton
  • Allied Pilots Association, Government Affairs, Captain Bob Coffman
  • ALPA, Executive Administrator, Captain Rick Dominguez
  • Delta Air Lines, EVP & General Counsel, Peter Carter
  • FedEx Express, VP & General Counsel, Rush O'Keefe
  • U.S. Department of State, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Affairs, Tom Engle




Head in the Clouds or Head in the Sand? Innovation in search, mobile, payment and system capacity 

  • Search: It’s where customers begin their journey, searching for their flights. What's the new dawn of search? 
  • Staying efficient: How can airlines cater to the growing demands of connected travellers, particularly corporate travellers? Is the answer in the cloud?
  • Channel churn: What are the implications for airlines as the cost of distribution and revenue model changes, as more people move to meta-search and mobile?

Moderator: MW Travel Consultancy, Principal, Martin Warner

Panel Members:

  • Amadeus IT Group, VP Airline Commercial, John Dabkowski
  • MTT, Director of Consulting & Digital Insights, Glenville Morris
  • Orlando International Airport, Senior Director, Marketing & Air Service Development, Vicki Jaramillo
  • SAP Mobile Services, Senior Director Value Services, Johnny Thorsen
  • UATP, Manager, Product Development, Rachel Morowitz 




Airlink Presentation

Airlink, Member of the Board of Trustees, Tetsuya Nozaki

CAPA is proud to support the valuable efforts of Airlink, an aviation industry humanitarian relief organisation which links airlines with NGOs in disaster relief.


Risk and Growth vs Safe Financial Gain: Planning growth in Latin America, Asia and the Atlantic 
Predicting how international markets will perform, even in the medium term, is a treacherous business. For example, the recently hyped high growth BRICs are hardly performing as projected. Three years ago Brazil was a market magnet; today it is the most notable fall from grace, mired in recession. Deciding on the criteria for a financially successful market presence clearly has to be about more than projected growth. 
Reducing the risk profile and optimising likely profitability in a market involves anchoring such features as codeshares, partnerships (alliances, equity or otherwise), competitive conditions, the route’s contribution to an airline’s network, even the security profile. 
Established routes such as the North Atlantic typically display lower risk, particularly where metal neutral JVs are in place, and are inevitably attractive. But they are relatively mature and will not enjoy the future growth rates of more risky markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America. For an airline to continue to grow – and be profitable – new markets must be found. 

  • In trading off between risk and reward, where are the likely new expansion routes of the late 20-teens? 
  • Does solid performance at home allow more risk taking in exploring new opportunities? 
  • Is open skies an important feature in assessing new routes or growing them? 
  • Will partnerships/equity investments characterise most future route expansion? 
  • What different/similar considerations apply for freight markets? 

Moderator: John R. Byerly, Consultant, John Byerly


Panel Members:

  • ALTA, Executive Director, Eduardo Iglesias
  • IATA, Regional VP, The Americas, Peter Cerdá
  • FedEx Express, Managing Director Regulatory Affairs, Nancy Sparks
  • Orlando International Airport, Senior Director, Marketing & Air Service Development, Vicki Jaramillo
  • U.S. Travel Association, Senior Director, Domestic Policy, Erik Hansen


End of Day 1