CAPA Airline Fleet & Finance Summit

Singapore, Singapore
2-3 Mar 2017

CAPA Airline Fleet & Finance Summit 2017 Agenda

Day 2: 3 March, 2017
09:00   Welcome by Conference Chairman

Keynote Address: Airbus’ global market outlook
Airbus, Head of Marketing, Asia & North America, Joost van der Heijden

Features a Q&A with CAPA’s Peter Harbison and the audience

Airline Fleet & Finance Strategies
09:30 Lucky Air, Vice General Manager Finance, Jiawen Fu
09:45 ATR, Head of Market Strategy, Bertrand Pabon
10:00 TAAG Angola Airlines, Chief Executive Officer, Vipula Gunatilleka
10:15 Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, Director, Head of Strategic Marketing, Hideyuki Kamiya

Coffee Break & Airline Fleet MarketPlace

11:00 New Financing Perspectives
Chaired by: Dubai Aerospace Enterprise,
Senior Strategic Advisor, Bertrand Grabowski
11:05 Bespoke Capital Markets Products
Macquarie Bank, Head of Cross Divisional Projects, Corporate & Asset Finance, Peter Farthing
11:25 Disintermediation and the new funding gap?
DVB Bank SE Singapore Branch, Managing Director Aviation Finance, Vicente Alava Pons
Airline Fleet & Finance Strategies
11:50 Freedom to Explore New Opportunities
Bombardier, Director of Marketing for Asia, Ross McKeand
12:05 Nauru Airlines, Chief Financial Officer, Wendy Bowden
12:20 GE Aviation Market Outlook
GE Aviation, Regional Marketing Director, Mithun Biswas
12:35 Malaysia Airlines, Group Chief Executive Officer, Peter Bellew

Lunch & Airline Fleet MarketPlace

14:30 Conference close