ACTE-CAPA Global Conference Sydney 2016

Sydney, Australia
21-22 Nov 2016

AGENDA - Day 2 - Tuesday 22nd November

08.15 – 09.10: Commencement Refreshments & Networking in InterACTE

09.10 – 10.45: General Session 3

09.10: Chairman’s welcome

09.15: General Session Introduction: American Express Australia Limited, Head of Client Management - Large Market Australia & NZ - Global Commercial Payments, Jason McClintock

09:25: Travel Management Pain Points: Are TMCs really listening to customers?

We’ve listened to the procurement experts and now we turn to what travel managers and travellers want. Are they aligned to procurement? This lively point, counter-point debate brings together a unique dual panel to hash out one of corporate travel managers’ main points of frustration – the often-heard sentiment that suppliers simply don’t ‘get’ what managers AND their travellers want. Do the ‘buyers’ really care?

Representatives from all sides come together to address the issues where alignment and open communication have seemed to be insufficient. Hear the issues discussed openly and gain insights into the solutions that may be on their way.

Do Travel Buyers understand what Travel Managers want, and the needs of their travellers?  Are these priorities and needs negotiated out of the solution that suppliers (TMCs, Airlines, Hotels etc) can provide once procurement are finished in the process?

  • Are TMCs and Suppliers doomed to fail in meeting Travel Managers and Travellers expectations?
Moderator: Association of Travel Management Companies (ATMC), President, Craig Smith
  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Director, Program Management Australia & New Zealand, Suzanne Quinn 
  • HRG and Fraedom, Manager Online and Supplier Strategies, David Lorimer 
  • Stockland, Head of Indirect Procurement, Narelle Mills 
  • Western Sydney University, Manager, Corporate Travel & Groups, Anne Hennessy 
  • Syngenta, Indirect Procurement Manager, ANZ & APAC Category Manager, Travel, Jennifer Barclay

10.05 - 10.40: Benchmarking & Data:

10.05: The Australasian Corporate Travel Outlook: Where to for air fares?
Cutting edge market data and predictions on where the market is headed for the balance of 2016 and 2017.
  • 4th Dimension, General Manager, Virginia Fitzpatrick
10.20 Tourism and Hotel Outlook: The Hotel Building Boom
  • Deloitte, Travel Consultant, Bryon Merzeo
  • Airbnb, Business Travel & Partnerships Lead, Bond Leung

10.40: United Airlines Update

  • United Airlines, Director Australia and New Zealand, Julie Reid 

 10.45  11:15: Networking & Refreshment Break in InterACTE

11.15 – 12.15: Breakout Education Sessions 1 (3 Session options): Challenges & Solutions
Session 1.1: Technology (1)
Innovation Showcase: What’s New, Disruptive, Challenging!?

Technology is constantly changing and improving, traveller expectations are rising. This will impact on Corporate Travel. In this fast paced session of CTF Talks (Corporate Travel Future Talks), we hear what’s hot, what’s not, what’s coming, what’s here – strap yourself in! 

Presenters will answer:
  • Where are the solutions coming from - global or local?
  • How do they and their companies ensure they get world’s best practice?
  • What is the Value Proposition relative to Corporate Travel in Australasia, what is their ROI and how can the beneficiary be sure to receive the value?
  • What do they bring to Travel Buyers, Travel Managers, TMCs, Travellers, Suppliers & Vendors such as airlines, hotels.
  • SHARK TANK! Featuring Interactive Audience Voting: Would you use this technology? Would it change your travel policy?
Moderator: Allan Leibowitz

Welcome to Kapiche! A world's first structured and unstructured data analytics tool, developed in Australia. Kapiche analyses your data and lots of it. Think call centres, open-ended survey questions, stored data, social media, all media. It works in all languages, relying on algorithms that don't require libraries of definitions, with text or voice representing the insights using intuitive visualisations. With no set up, training or qualification required, Kapiche can analyse vast amounts of data in minutes, adding value to your business.

Website: www.kapiche.com | Contact: Ryan Stuart, MD & CTO

Troovo’s virtualisation engine provides a completely new approach to eliminating 100% of the need for manual intervention in travel and payment processing. By using our engine Troovo customers enjoy unparalleled accuracy, productivity, scalability and consistency – which all translates to apermanent reduction in processing costs. Forget off-shoring your processing, nothing is more cost-effective and powerful than virtual shoring. Troovo is the virtual solution for the future of transaction processing.

Website: www.troovo.com  | CEO: Kurt Knackstedt  

iFLYflat is Australia's leading air travel planning and points advisory company. We solve the frustration of trying to use points to fly, so you can travel the world in business class at economy prices. Helping companies maximise reward points from paying B2B expenses on their credit cards & leverage the points to fly, cutting the cost of business travel by over 50%.

Website: www.iflyflat.com.au  | CEO: Steve Hui

Travelport Locomote is a corporate travel platform that reduces travel spend by simplifying your approval, booking and expensing process while keeping your travelling staff safe. We help people get where they’re going by creating technology they love. Simple, intuitive and with you every step of the way. The way travel should be.

Website: www.locomote.com | COO: Bryan Carroll

DORA (The Lido Group), CEO Steve Mackenzie

Imagine your travellers having nothing to do with hotel payment at all? They just check-in, stay and sign out … whether booked in the GDS by your TMC or via a non-GDS aggregator. No corporate card required or VCC hassles at check-out … and no receipts or invoices to collectDORA is Lido's world-leading automated charge-back solution with full hotel folio spend provided in the Level 3 Enhanced Data to any card provider. All this is available across 100% of your hotel program via a single merchant.

Website: www.lido.com.au | CEO: Steve Mackenzie  

Session 1.2: Procurement (1)
Negotiating and contracting Hotels
  • Direct or Indirect - what are the relative benefits of negotiating through your TMC?
  • Latest views on:
    • Consolidation and property selection.
    • Use of third-party aggregators.
    • Dynamic pricing or fixed rates.
  • And what about airBnB? Does the sharing economy have a place in your programme?
A quick overview of some of the current issues in hotel procurement form RS and then testing some of the myths.

1) It’s best to keep most of your volume with one group
2) Once your rate is locked in, you should always have access to rooms at that rate
3) It’s best to bundle accommodation and ancillaries into the rate
4) Apartments are only for long stays
5) There’s no place for Airbnb and other ‘sharing economy’ options in a corporate programme.

Moderator: Changing Times,Director, Richard Savva

  • Orbit World Travel, CEO, Stuart Milne
  • Accor Hotels, Director of Sales Business Travel - Australia, Elizabeth Georgopoulos

  • Adina, Shaizeen Contractor
Session 1.3: Payments (1)
Changing Payments World

We have learned all about virtual payments, but have we learned how to implement them? There have been big changes in Virtual Payments and changes to surcharging rules. In this session, we will explore the bigger picture related to acceptance and implementation. The 'real world' scenarios have varied widely among those just getting started with a Virtual Payments programme. Hear from your peers what has worked, the biggest challenges that can be anticipated, and what lessons they have learned during the implementation process.

We address two key points:
  • What do the interchange regulation changes, capping & surcharging mean to
    • Merchants such as airlines, hotels etc
    • Corporate Travel Programs (Cost)
    • Travellers? (Surcharges)
    • What do I need to know about the changes, and how to take maximum benefit from them?
    • Is there anything the Government missed, got wrong or should do next?
  • Many companies have only recently implemented Virtual Payments
    • What have they learned, what would be recommended best practice around implementation
    • Is acceptance widely resolved? 

Moderator: Martin Warner

  • Travelport Payment Services, Kieran Strain
  • AirPlus International, Country Manager Australia, David Newington
  • Mastercard, Commercial Payment Solutions - Large Market, Australia and New Zealand, Gregor Lochtie
  • UATP, Regional Commercial Manager - Oceania, Craig Bowen 

12.15 – 13.15: Lunch
Sponsored by United Airlines, held in Feast Restaurant, Level 1, Sheraton on The Park

13.15 – 14.15: Breakout Education Sessions 2 (4 Session options)
Session 2.1: Technology (2)
An insight into business travel trends – is your travel investment paying off?
Session 2.2: Procurement (2)
The Evolution of Corporate Air Travel Agreements & Relationships
Session 2.3: Payments (2)
Best Practice in Corporate Travel Payments
Session 2.4: Future Traveller (2)
The Modern Traveller Profile:Understanding the Implicationsfor Your Travel Policy

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Business travel spend is once again on the rise and corporate travel managers are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate the value of company travel spend.

In this session Amadeus will discuss the current challenges facing corporate travel managers and how by choosinf the right technology solutions, they can meet the demands of the corporation and the needs of travellers. 

We will discuss from both TMC and corporate perspective the role technology plays in running and effective travel management program and what recent advancements in travel IT mean for the corporate travel sector. 

We look at emerging trends and the Next Generation in corporate travel platforms, investigating what the business traveller of the future will expect from their travel program.


Amadeus IT Pacific, Head of Travel Management Solutions, Gena Signorini


  • Amadeus IT Pacific, Head of Corporate Travel IT Solutions, Ingrid Picard 
  • TravelEdge, CEO, Kim Wethmar

New research explores the changing dynamics of negotiating corporate air travel partnerships. Learn how corporate travel managers negotiate, with consideration to how emerging distribution channels impact airline marketing and communication strategies that could influence traveller's buying decisions.

Moderator: Changing Times,Director, Richard Savva

  • Qatar Airways, Manager New Business, Global Corporate Sales, Khalid Al-Buenain
  • Qatar Airways, Senior Sales Executive, Danielle Moubarak
  • Troovo, Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Knackstedt

From physical cards to ghost accounts, single-use virtual payments and disruptive technologies yet to emerge …. the options available in 2016 for card-based travel payment solutions will continue to evolve and grow in number. In this session, we will explore what a travel program should expect of a card payment solution. We will look at examples of best practice in the SME and corporate segments, picking these card payment solutions apart to identify exactly what makes them work so well from both the CFO’s and the Travel Category Manager’s perspectives.
We address two key points:

  • What to consider in a card payment solution?
    • The traveller experience – carrots and sticks that drive the right behaviours
    • Reconciliation – what true straight-through processing looks like
    • Leakage – capturing all spend categories and all spend within those categories
    • True program costs – credit card surcharges, transaction costs, chargebacks, spend rebates and rewards
  • How do CFOs and other non-travel category stakeholders view travel payments? 
    • Travel spend generally represents less than 5% of an organisation’s expenses. What do card based payment solutions for the remaining 95% look like and how do best practice travel programs fit with best practice e-procurement programs?


Moderator: Diners Club Australia,Managing Director, Richard Wilde

  • Citibank, Scott Southall, Managing Director, Treasury & Trade Solutions, Australia & New Zealand
  • Corporate Traveller (Flight Centre Group), Senior Business Improvement & Project Manager, Simon McHugh
  • Deloitte, Director Strategic Sourcing, Merril Skyring

Both the demographics and preferences of today's corporate traveller have changed significantly in recent years. New research offers a clear 'profile' of today's traveller. Through understanding their profile and preferences, discover opportunities to build a travel program that better meets their needs, which in turn yields benefits ranging from improved compliance to enhanced traveller satisfaction; and realise the cost savings that can directly result from those improvements.

Moderator: American Express Global Business Travel, Senior Consulting Manager, Richard Johnson

  • EY, Oceania Regional Travel Manager, Voula Malafouris

  • American Express Global Business Travel, Vice President and Senior Counsel, APAC, Elise Bruce

  • Uber, B2B Specialist, Alannah O'Kane
  • TripAdvisor, Head of Airline Reviews & Partnerships, Andrew Wong

14.15 – 14.45: Networking & Refreshment Break in InterACTE

14.45 – 17.00: General Session 4 - Wrap & Great Debate

14.45: General Session Introduction

Air Canada, General Manager Australia, Paul McLean

14.45 - 15.20: General Session - Executive Panel: What have we learned (through the day and a half)?

An interactive session to tackle all the controversial and challenging issues raised over the past day and a half. Martin Warner and his ‘spies’ have been sitting in on all the sessions and will bring all the threads together.  

  • What do the disruptive innovations mean for corporates? Do they work in the ’real world’?
Moderator: Martin Warner
  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand, Lisa Akeroyd 
  • HRS, Vice President Global Solutions, Jason Long 
  • International SOS, General Manager, Adam Maine

15.20 - 15.50: Executive Panel: Round Table Discussions

We’ll review the results of polls at ACTE/CAPA events held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth this year and examine their implications for travel managers as we workshop some of the challenges posed by industry disruption.

Moderator: Allan Leibowitz

15.50: Prize Draws: With thanks to RedBalloon, Uber & Scoot

16.00 – 17.00: Closing debate: Q and A of the future of Aviation & Corporate Travel

Quentin Dempster

Join ABC #qanda host and one of Australia's most respected and awarded journalists Tony Jones for the ultimate Q and A of Aviation & Corporate Travel. A panel of senior and knowledgeable experts and questions from the audience will delve into the Corporate Travel scene and not shy away from the tough questions. Airlines, Hotels, TMCs, Duty of Care, The Sharing Economy for Corporate Travel, Millennials Impact and much, much more.

Moderator: Quentin Dempster, Journalist and Author, ABC

  • Airbnb, Head of Public Policy, AU and NZ, Brent Thomas 
  • American Express Global Business Travel, Australia & New Zealand, Vice President & General Manager, Joanne Sully 
  • Microsoft Procurement, Group Manager, Global Travel & Expense, Sourcing Strategy & Operations, Georgie Farmer 
  • CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison 
  • Amadeus IT Pacific, Managing Director, Tony Carter 
  • Qantas - Head of Business & Government Sales, John Simeone

17.00 – 19.00: Closing Reception