Chinchero Cusco International Airport

New Airport
Completion: in 4 years (30-Jun-2025)
IATA: n/a
ICAO: n/a
City: Cuzco
Country/Territory: Peru


  • Annual (pax):
    • Initial: 6,000,000
    • When completed: 8,000,000


  • Terminal:
    • 480,000m²
  • Runways:
    • 4,000m

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Chinchero Cusco International Airport is an airport project located near Cusco, Peru. The airport is being constructed as demand for nearby Velasco Astete Airport has steadily increased. Chinchero Cusco International Airport will replace Velasco Astete Airport as the primary airport in the region. Construction commenced in early 2017. Kuntur Wasi secured the development contract for the project. However, the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications agreed to cancel the tender, with the government issuing a public tender for the development. A South Korean consortium led by Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) secured the tender in Jul-2019.

Nov-2021. Peru's Ministry of Transport announced earthworks for the USD695m Chinchero Cusco International Airport construction project is 40% complete. The airport will be designed to handle 7000 passengers daily.

Oct.2021. Peru's Ministry of Transport announced construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport's passenger terminal will commence on 19-Nov-2021.

Sep-2021. Peru's Government announced the start of the second stage of Chinchero Cusco International Airport's construction project. Works planned for this phase include construction of a runway, terminal building and control tower.

Jul-2021. Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) announced the Natividad de Chinchero Consortium will be responsible for executing Chinchero Cusco International Airport's USD427 million construction project. The consortium comprises Hyundai Engineering & Construction (South Korea), Sinohydro Corporation Limited (China), ICA Constructora (Mexico) and HV Contractors (Peru). The airport is being developed in conjunction with South Korea's Government, with completion scheduled for Jun-2025.

Feb-2020. Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communication stated Chinchero Cusco Airport construction is scheduled to be complete by Oct-2024.

Oct-2019. Peru's Minister of Transport and Communications Edmer Trujillo stated that a technical analysis process for the USD770 million project will commence on 01-Nov-2019. Construction is scheduled to commence in 1H2020. The airport is scheduled to be operational in 2024.

Jul-2019. Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications announced Chinchero Cusco International Airport commenced ground levelling works. The airport will have capacity for six million passengers p/a.

Jan-2019. Peru's Ministry of Transports and Communications commenced ground works for the construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport on 18-Jan-2019. The land was handed over on 21-Dec-2018. Ground levelling is expected to be complete in Sep-2019 over a 483,524sqm area and requiring a PEN34.6 million (USD10.4 million) investment. 

Jul-2018. Peru's Minister of Transportation and Communications Edmer Trujillo said construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport is expected to commence in Oct-2018 if bidding procedures are adopted. Mr Trujillo said the project will take four to five years to complete. The initial stage covers earthmoving over a six to nine month period, requiring an investment of PEN36 million (USD9.4 million).

Mar-2018. Peru's Minister of Transport and Communications Bruno Giuffra announced that Phase I of Chinchero Cusco International Airport construction will be financed by the Peruvian State, with a USD200 million investment. Phase I consists of perimeter fencing, site levelling and runway. Construction is scheduled to complete by 2021.

Feb-2018. Peru's Ministry of Transports and Communications announced Chinchero Cusco International Airport construction will commence on 15-Aug-2018. Peru allocated PEN118 million (USD36.3 million) for land acquisition. The project will commence with the construction of a 16km perimeter fence, following by ground leveling works, drainage and paving. 

Jan-2018. Andino stated Peru's Government ended negotiations with Kuntur Wasi over the construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport. Peru decided to unilaterally sever the contract with Kuntur Wasi for the construction of the airport and commenced negotiations to seek a middle ground.

Jun-2017. Peru Ministry of Transport and Communications reached an agreement with Kuntur Wasi for the cancellation of the contract for construction and operation of Chinchero Cusco International Airport. Commencement of groundworks will occur as soon as possible, under public works tender. 


22-May-2017. Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski announced the construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport "will go ahead". Mr Kuczynski clarified that changes will be made to the form the construction will take. Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications unilaterally suspended the concession contract for the airport with Kuntur Wasi. Kuntur Wasi stated it fulfilled all obligations under contract, since 2014, when it was awarded the concession, and will evaluate all legal avenues available once it has been formally notified. The project is estimated at around USD602 million, while Kuntur Wasi was responsible for 24% of the cost, with the rest being invested by the State.

18-May-2017. Kuntur Wasi GM Jose Carlos Balta clarified that Chinchero Cusco International Airport construction contract states Peru will pay 76% of the construction, USD145 million for preparing the terrain and USD265 million for the construction. Kuntur Wasi is responsible for 24% of the payment, in addition to all future investments during the airport’s operation. Peru was willing to pay USD602 million of the construction, while Kuntur Wasi’s bid represents 32% savings to the state.

05-May-2017. Chinchero Cusco International Airport construction commencement is pending on Peru's Comptroller General's approval. Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski stated: "If all goes well we can start moving earth in a few weeks".

Apr-2017. Peru's Comptroller General Edgar Alarcón confirmed plans to issue a report on Chinchero Cusco International Airport's concession contract "before the end of" Apr-2017.

Feb-2017. Chinchero Cusco International Airport commenced construction following the signing of a contract with concessionaire Kuntur Wasi. The terminal will feature a 4000m runway and a passenger terminal capable of handling 7.5 million passengers p/a. The commencement of construction was delayed due to contractual matters, which led to several demonstrations from the population.


30-Jan-2017. Chinchero Mayor Gualberto Sallo expressed disappointment over the decision to suspend construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport. The government decided to defer signing an addendum to the concession contract, which allows for debts related the construction of the airport to be guaranteed by the Peruvian Government. However, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski assured the project will go forward, as he reiterated the venture's contract will save the Peruvian State US590 million of credit interests.

16-Jan-2017. Peru Ministry of Transport and Communications announced Chinchero Cusco International Airport is scheduled to commence construction on 31-Jan-2017, with an estimated construction value of USD264 million. 

Dec-2016. Peru’s Government declared the construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport is included in the Endeudamiento Grantizado Permitido (indebtedness assurance) provision which allows for debts related the construction of the airport to be guaranteed by the Peruvian Government. Following the measure, the airport construction is expected to commence in Jan-2017.

Nov-2016. Chinchero Cusco International Airport construction is scheduled to commence in Jan-2017. Peru Tourism and Communications Ministry scheduled to complete the topographical survey and social impact studies by 30-Nov-2016. 

Oct-2016. Peru Vice Minister of Transports Fiorella Molinelly said Chinchero Cusco International Airport’s USD599 million construction project is scheduled to complete in 2021. The airport has already completed environmental impact and engineering studies.

Jul-2016. Chinchero Cusco International Airport construction is facing delays due to funding issues. The USD520 million airport funding is expected to be sorted by Sep-2016, once Kuntur Wasi’s consortium finance is approved by the regulator, Ositran.

Feb-2016. Chinchero Cusco International Airport is scheduled for completion on 25-Feb-2021. According to Peru Transport and Communications Minister Jose Ku, the airport construction has maintained on schedule, adding that construction this year and next year are assured by the central government as its an infrastructure to address national demand.

Jan-2016. Peru awarded Valle Sagrado consortium the supervision of engineering studies and construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport. The tender bid was valued at USD19.8 million, 33% less than the predicted value. The airport’s construction total value is estimated at USD455.2 million.

Dec-2015. Peru approved Kuntur Wasi’s engineering study for the development of the greenfield Chinchero Cusco International Airport. According to Kuntur Wasi’s director general Jose Balta, with the approval of the engineering study, “a fundamental step is concluded to start the construction of the Chinchero International Airport”. The construction is budgeted at USD637 million.

Jul-2015. Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications reiterated the development of Chinchero Cusco International Airport will cost USD635 million.

Jun-2015. Kuntur Wasi delivered the engineering studies report for the construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport. The study completes all the documentation required by the Government of Peru for this phase of the project.

Mar-2015. Kuntur Wasi stated construction on the new Chinchero Cusco International Airport will commence in Sep-2015. According to the company's work schedule, the environmental impact study will be delivered in Mar-2015 and is expected to be approved in May-2015. The airport will replace the current Cuzco Velazco Astete Airport upon its completion.

Sep-2014. Construction is now likely to commence in 2Q2015 once the local wet season concludes as the weather precludes heavy construction work. Kuntur Wasi previously said earthworks might begin in late 2015 and actual construction in 2016, with operations to then begin in 2020.

Jul-2014. Construction may begin in late 2016, according to concessionaire Kuntur Wasi, which added the project could be complete in 2019 and begin operations in 2020. Earthworks are expected to begin in late 2015.

Apr-2014. Construction works will include a 40,000sqm terminal building and 4000m runway, as well as general and commercial aviation aprons and taxiways, as confirmed by Peru's Transport Ministry. The terminal will have capacity for 4.5 million passengers p/a with possible further expansion to 5.7 million passengers p/a. Construction is expected to commence in the coming months once wells and reservoirs are relocated and engineering studies are completed, though no exact date was specified. The airport's 40-year construction and operation concession was awarded to the Kuntur Wasi consortium of Argentina's Corporacion America and Peru's Andino Investment Holding, who will invest USD538 million to bring the project online, which could increase to a USD658 million investment once further expansion is included.

Chinchero Cusco International Airport (AICC) received technical proposals from three consortiums for its construction tender. Seven pre-qualified bidders submitted applications.

The airport will have capacity for up to five million passengers p/a once its construction is complete, and up to eight million passengers p/a in the "long term", according to Peru's Minister of Transport and Communications Carlos Paredes.

Mar-2014. The Transport Ministry confirmed the construction and operation concession will be awarded 25-Apr-2014 "without further delay". The Ministry plans to ensure "all obstacles" to the construction of the facility on the proposed site are relocated before construction begins. As previously reported the project will require an initial USD538 million investment, which increases to USD658 million when including further renovations once operations begin, and is expected to be complete by 2018 or 2019.

The airport stated its construction and concession timetable will not be changed and the dates for submission of technical and economic studies by bidders and the award of the concession remain 22-Apr-2014 and 25-Apr-2014, respectively, as confirmed by Peru's investment promotion agency ProInversion. The project will required an initial USD538 million investment, increasing to USD658 million with the inclusion of further renovations once the airport begins operations.

Feb-2014. The construction and operation tender award will be postponed from 28-Feb-2014 to 25-Apr-2014, due to a delay in relocating power lines at the future airport's site. Bidders which have pre-qualified for the project will be known before then, and the list of bidders and final concession contract is expected to be presented to Peru's Comptroller General in early Mar-2014. Consortia may be modified until 08-Apr-2014.

The construction and operation tender is reportedly attracting interest from seven unnamed parties, while the project is expected to require a USD539 million investment which could rise to USD658 million with future expansion. The concession is expected to be awarded in Feb-2014.

Sep-2013.  The construction and operation concession award has  been delayed to "1H2014", according to Deputy Transport Minister Alejandro Chang.There are a number of studies, including feasibility, which must be approved.

Peru’s Minister of Transport and Communications stated construction of Chinchero Cusco International Airport would commence in 2013. The estimated (initial) investment amount was USD420 million, later increased to USD500 million. The comprehensive project involves the design, construction, financing, administration, operation, maintenance and exploitation of the New Chinchero-Cusco International Airport. This  concession, with a term of 30 or 40 years, will be self-sustaining. The estimated award date is 4Q2013. Recently,  Macchu Picchu (Cusco) became one of the new seven wonders of the world, and is currently one of the most important cultural destination worldwide (1.5 million visitors per year). The government will close down the exisiting airport (Velasco Astete) once this project is completed in four to five years. Reports suggest interest from 16 interested groups containing 27 firms, who may invest up to USD2-3 billion in the project, more then four times the anticipated amount.

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