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Volaris takes first step towards international expansion codeshare partnership with Southwest


Meixcan LCC, Volaris, announced its intention to build a codeshare partnership with Southwest Airlines, the largest US LCC. The two airlines have completed the first step in creating a relationship that will eventually allow them to offer “a seamless travel experience to a wide array of destinations”. [1112 words]

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  • US expansion planned: first service in 4Q09 and up to 12 US destinations in three to five years
  • Takes delivery of seven new aircraft in 2008; a further seven expected in 2009
  • Mexican commercial airlines could lose up to USD1.2 billion in 2008: DGCA

Graphs and data:

  • Southwest and Volaris key information
  • Mexico domestic capacity breakdown by carrier (seats per week as % of total): Week commencing 08-Dec-08
  • Volaris destination map: Dec-08
  • Volaris fleet plan: Dec-08
  • Volaris fleet delivery plan: 2009 to 2012: as at Dec-08
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