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Shock Horror. Competition Commission recommends sale of three BAA airports


As prefaced in Airport Business Daily #1201 (19-Aug-08), the UK’s Competition Commission (CC) has announced that it may require BAA to sell three airports - two of its three London-based airports together with either Edinburgh or Glasgow airport in Scotland. BAA retains its position that Heathrow is not for sale and the CC appears to respect that, noting that its guidelines mean it is unlikely to require the divestiture of Heathrow unless the sale of Gatwick or Stansted is likely to be impractical or ineffective. The conventional wisdom had been that only one London and one Scottish airport would be required to be sold. [1221 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • CC – Air Transport White Paper should be reviewed
  • Scathing about BAA Scotland
  • System of regulation and role of the CAA should be reviewed
  • Sale could impact on building of new runways
  • Varied response from BAA’s main user airlines
  • Attention is focused on Gatwick, but how good a buy is it?
  • Macquarie out?
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