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Ryanair and easyJet continue strong growth, British Airways’ struggles continue in Sep-2009


Ryanair and easyJet reported another month of positive traffic results in Sep-2009, with continued traffic growth and load factors above 85%. British Airways meanwhile continues to struggle, facing a challenging combination of large premium demand contractions and reduced overall passenger demand on UK/Europe routes, as passengers downgrade to LCCs or stay at home. [1173 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • 6.1 million passengers in the month for Ryanair, but reduces full year forecast
  • easyJet’s sky high load factor trend continues
  • easyJet caps medium term growth rate; increases resiliency while reducing risk level
  • easyJet and Ryanair combined pax of over 109 million in past 12 months
  • British Airways’ double edged sword: weak premium traffic and pax trading down to LCCs 
  • BA no longer in a fight for survival 
  • Structural changes ahead in Europe

Graphs and data:

  • Ryanair, easyJet and British Airways (UK/Europe) passenger number growth: Aug-2008 to Aug-2009
  • Ryanair traffic highlights for Sep-2009
  • easyJet traffic highlights for Sep-2009
  • Ryanair, easyjet and British Airways  (UK/Europe)  PLF: Sep-2008 to Sep-2009
  • Ryanair, easyjet and British Airways (UK/European) year-on-year PLF growth (ppts): Sep-2008 to Sep-2009
  • British Airways premium and non-premium traffic contractions (year-on-year): Sep-2007 to Sep-2009
  • British Airways’ premium passenger numbers growth: 2-year change and 12 month moving average: Sep-08 to Sep-09
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