Zurich Airport commercial revenue jumped 7.7% in Mar-2010

Shares in Switzerland’s Zurich Airport gained 1.3% yesterday, upon the release of the operator's traffic and commercial (retail, duty free and F&B) report for Mar-2010. During the month, passenger numbers jumped 9.7% year-on-year to 1.8 million. However, total revenue per departing passenger dipped 1.9% to EUR29.93, led by a 4.9% reduction in landside revenue, while airside was up 0.7%.

Cargo volumes at Zurich were up 26.7% to 37,476 tonnes in Mar-2010, while aircraft movements increased 5.8% to 22,339. Total commercial revenue in the period was EUR27.2 million (+7.7% year-on-year), led by a 10.5% increase in airside and 4.4% increase in landside revenues.

Frankfurt International Airport passenger numbers up 8.3% in Mar-2010

Meanwhile, at Frankfurt International Airport passenger numbers increased 8.3% to 4.4 million in Mar-2010 and 7.7% year-on-year to 15.7 million for the three months ended 31-Mar-2010. Cargo volumes at the airport improved by 35.5% in the month and 31.5% in the quarter.

Shares in Frankfurt Airport investor, Fraport closed 1.9% higher yesterday, upon the release of its traffic report. Overall Fraport handled 6.0 million passengers (+12.4%) and 226,381 tonnes of cargo (+35.4%), over 57,110 (+7.2%) aircraft movements. In the three months ended 31-Mar-2010, Fraport’s passenger numbers rose 7.7% year-on-year to 15.7 million, while cargo volumes were up 30.8% to 589,556 tonnes.

TAV Airports shares strong

Shares in TAV Airports led the way up yesterday, gaining 4.8%. TAV Airports investment, Turkey’s Havaş Ground Handling Company announced the acquisition of a 50% stake in Latvia’s North Hub Services (NHS) for EUR3.2 million. TAV Airports Holding owns a 65% stake in Havaş Ground Handling Company.

Selected airports daily share price movements (% change): 14-Apr-2010